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Monday, January 13, 2014

Which Harry Potter Character are you?

Yes....yes... I am 'Harry Potter' die hard fan... huhuhuhu...but actually, i x de la purposely carik benda ni... i just read about it in a blog that i follow and i keep wondering who would i be should i was a character in Harry Potter movies (besides, i mmg suka benda2 personality test nih...).

The verdict....

Link to the quiz is here
Ahahahha... I am incredibly intelligent u all... kikikikiki... but i have an ambitious dark side eh?? I wonder what it is.... huhuhuhuu....

How about you?

Have a Blast Monday everyone :-)


  1. ST L pn suke wt personality test hehe.. L dh try dpt Harry Porter

    1. addicted kan buat personality test ni... hehhee...

  2. hari tu dah buat sekali, tadi buat lagi

    i am proven a Luna Lovegood. Layan je laaahh~ :)

  3. i buat jugak. i dapat ron weasley! yeeha!

  4. wahhh i pun suke gile harry potter time muda2 dulu..dan skrg..hehe..nk try lah!