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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The 50 Most Popular 'All That Is Interesting' Pictures

What? 2 entries in a day??? Well.... I can't not sharing this link with you... The pictures are simply amazing. Stumble upon this blog when i was 'googling' something else.

Pls do visit this link and tell me what do u think about the pictures... credit to All That Is Interesting website.

My thinking??? Subhanallah.... Simply amazing!


  1. Suka gambar pemandangan cantik,cantik sgt2 tapi seram tgk gambar yg takowt..huhu

  2. kan kak... tengok gambar yg cantik2 tu, terus rasa nak jadik photographer and nk amik gambar2 mcm tu... kikikiki :-)

  3. woww..subhanallah amazing pemandangan2 tu kan..cantik sgt2..tak sangka di luar sana byk ciptaan-ciptaanNya yang sungguh hebat..tak terlintas di fikiran ni..hehe :)

    1. mmg sgt cantik...i x tau pun wujud tempat2 mcm tu... heheheh

  4. Replies
    1. tu la B&C, especially those pic yg cantik pemandangannya, yang hari2 kita tengok (like sunset etc). sometimes we just have to stop a while to appreciate the gift from Almighty Allah that we tend to forget.