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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eating Festival

I think this week is entitled to be named as eating festival. I had a performance review workshop at Hotel M*** KL. Just nearby the HQ. The workshop started on 10th until 12th (yes...I was working yesterday). It was a 'head throbbing' sessions as we discussed in details of the staff strength, weaknesses and development plan. And the session was from 8.30 am to 11 pm. We only stop for lunch, prayers and dinner. We also finalised the rating and ranking for all the 200++ staff. And at last on Saturday, we managed to finish it all...phew! What a relief.

Since the workshop was held at the hotel, of course the food was superb! Hotel food ma... what u expect? And since the food was superb, hehhehehehhe...(evil laugh) I had to admit that I ate a lot. I mean A LOT! But on the positive side - no rice at all :) Ratah lauk jer for lunch and dinner. And for tea break, kuih2 dia memang sedap. And it went on for 3 days (luckily it was 3 days only...if a week? isyk... bahaya!)

Today pulak, we have a wedding kenduri at our housing area. But dear hubby is on day shift today. So I went with my neighbours instead. One thing to tell you, sedap betul lauk kenduri tu. Isyk... memang banyak pun makan... Abis la diet den!

Tomorrow is monday....(sigh) Monday blues!


  1. hehe...wahhh mmg eating festival btol ni...jiran dpn umh sy wt kenduri kwen gk...ape lg mkn...mkn n mkn...;-)

  2. tu la huda... bila nak kurus cam ni eh? hehhehe