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Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm reading a book on leadership titled "The Leader Who Had No Title". Just finished the first chapter. Quite an interesting book. The first chapter was talking about leadership at all level. Hmmm... sounds familiar... Anyway, to summarise, being a leader does not mean when you are in the position of manager, or senior manager or general manager or ceo etc. It is actually starts even when you are a mere worker. Everybody within an organisation is a leader. We should show our leadership by showing a desire to be involved and a commitment to making a positive difference (quoted from the book). Show it by being truely excellent in our role. Just remember that every job is an important job.

Well, the concept of everybody is a leader; at least on their own, was found earlier (than this book at least) in the Quran.

"Ingatlah ketika Tuhanmu berfirman kepada malaikat: Sesungguhnya Aku hendak menjadikan seorang khalifah di bumi." (Surah al-Baqarah, ayat 30)

Yes... we all are leaders. But did we truely carry out our responsibility with Ikhlas and Amanah? Did we ensure that all the money that we received at the end f the month is justified with all the effort that we gave to our work. This is something that we need to think about... Some people berkira sangat dengan company. OT 30 minit pun nak claim. Yes...that is your entitlement. I didn't say that you shouldn't claim. But how sure are we that we truely spent 8 hours solelly for the work that been entrusted to us? Something that we need to ponder upon.

Semoga kita membawa rezeki yang halal kembali ke rumah untuk keluarga kita...Amin.

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  1. totally agreed with u kakak gigi manis ^_*