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Friday, March 18, 2011

This entry is dedicated to Iza :)

Heheheh.... Actually I was quite surprise ada komen for my entry yang dah setahun. Since soklan tu jawapannya panjang, so I dedicated this entry to Iza and to those who wish to attempt ACCA.

Anyway, just to inform you that I have a paper more to go (plan dah lari sebab paper yang satu tu kantoi...).

FYI, I started ACCA since 2003. Huhuhuh...punya lama kan? Coz ari tu ada setahun dua I berehat dari amik paper after I got married. I belajar sendiri jer... X de attend mana2 kelas. Dulu-dulu because I was posted at Eastern, tak de kelas kat sana. Pernah try berulang every weekend to KL to attend class. Tapi penatnya, Allah je la yang tahu. Tu tak campur ngan ongkos yang mengalir laju bak air terjun... Then, bila dah kawin and pindah KL, I still belajar sendiri sebab susah nak pi kelas coz all the class is either lewat petang and abis malam or conducted during the whole weekend. I find it not suitable for me since kesian kat hubby nanti sengsorang jer kat umah (plus, I memang malas pun! huhuhuhuh...)

And because I belajar sendiri, I took only 1 paper at one sitting. Tak berani dik nak amik bebanyak. Pernah try amik 2 paper, kantoi gak...(tu yang menambah lagi masa nak menamatkan pengajian tu...). To me, you boleh belajar sendiri. You have all the technology now. I have tried online learning with BPP and found it quite helpful for paper P1. I also bought BPP textbook + Taxation text book as my study textbook. I tried ACCA past questions, over and over again, until I understand the format and technique of answering the questions. I also a registered member of a free online learning web for ACCA where I can get notes and read shared tips from members. I highly recommended you to join this web. And since some of my colleague ada yang ambik ACCA and pi kelas, I also pinjam their notes if they happend to take the same paper as me :).

I'm lucky my company grant me 5 days study leave for each sitting regardless of how many paper that I took. Tapi sekarang dah kena utilise annual leave dah coz this paper that I'm gonna take in June is repeat paper...heheheh. The study leave is only for first sitting.

Back to the question whether nak amik professional cert like ACCA or go for Master?. IMHO, if you are considering to become a lecturer one day, perhaps it would be better if you go for Master. But if you want to stick to your current job (regardless your background), I would recommend you to take professional cert. This would be an added value for you, and you would be able to apply it in your job. Tapi biar la the cert tu recognised by your company and others (worldwide recognition la kiranya). Kalo nak amik ACCA pun boleh gak... Ada jer engineer yg amik ACCA ni. ACCA ni is not merely about accounting. It covers many other areas such as busines analysis, financial management, audit, tax, depending on the elective paper that you choose. Plus it is recognised worldwide.

Tu je la pendapat akak yang tak seberapa ni... but before buat keputusan, think about it thoroughly ya... Kalo tak tau jugak, istikharah la... Minta Allah beri petunjuk mana yang terbaik untuk kita...

Ok dik, Chaiyok!

(To my lil sis mimi, if you read this, plse leave comment yer...what do you think?)

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