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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

If you think your life is hard....

I was watching 'Bersamamu' @ TV3. Usually I won't watch this 'sad story' kind of TV program...not because I don't care... It is because I'll feel so sad that I would be crying watching it (Yes....I'm that sensitive).

But tonight, since my MIL is the Queen of the house, she got to watch whatever TV program she likes. And I'm as a dutiful daughter in law (hehhehe) will watch whatever TV Program she choose.

But I managed to hold back my tears (malu la kat my MIL!). Sedih la... I can't bear watching other people's suffering. Kesian sangat kat adik tu... being 16, but he can only lie on his back and his mother would attend to him. He suffers with brain cancer, which already spread to his spine. Memang sedih sangat.

This makes me think, how many of us being thankful to Allah? We often complain that we have a hard life. We often asked why we have such problem? Why Allah did not accept our Doa? Why does this problem happen to me? But we always forgot that there is other people who has suffered more than us.

Shouldn't we be thankful that Allah gives us such problem? Don't we know that Allah would never test us, unless the test is for forgiveness of our sins or to increase our 'darjat'. Yes dear reader, when we got tested by Allah, it is a sign that He still Loves us, He does not want us to forget Him, hence the test was given so that we can come back to Him for forgiveness.

So next time when you feel that your life is sucks, stop for a moment and Istighfar lah... Terima lah dugaan Allah dengan hati yang tenag, dan bersyukurlah...sebab dugaan yang kita alami tidak sehebat dugaan orang lain.

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  1. Ai pun suke tgk Bersamamu tu.
    insaf dibuatnya.
    marilah bersyukur