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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bowling and body aches.

The last time I played bowling was about 2 years ago (I think...). It's been so long, I was not confident to play it at first. My Division had organised an engagement session with our GM, of which an inter department game was organised to strenghten our teamwork. Our department had sent 2 team. My team (we named it 'Bakor Je...Kita Bakor Je...) and the other team that we named Kak Limah Main Bowling. Hehehe.... It was a funny name and my staff had suggeted it. I like it so much so I just went along with them.

The event started at 3.15 pm with speech from the GM (honest to be told I can't remember what he said...ahaks!). Then we had a refreshment before we started to bowl. My team members were worried about me...Maklum la...lama dah tak main. I told them I'm not a good bowler (which is true). To my surprise, I played so well in the first game (I got 140 point. The highest so far in my life. hehehhe). Few strikes and spares. I even impressed my team. Hehehehe.... Tapi 1st game je la. Our team scored 550 point during the first game - the highest of all. Other team member pun impressed kot dengan kitorang.

Second game, my momentum started to drop. Just managed to get 7-9 jatuhan pin everytime I bowled.3rd game lagi teruk, except for the final 3 frame where I got my momentum back. But, since my teammate semua bagus2, we managed to lead the game until the end. Our teams was declared winners (my team 1st place & the other team 2nd place). Seronoknya!

However, I have to go back home a little bit early. My MIL nak balik umah dia (dah rindu kat umah dia la tu...2 minggu dah dok kat umah I.) So, after finishing the 3rd game, I excused myself and went back home. Traffic nya...adeh... macam biasa la KL....

Today, I'm at my MIL house. My body aches especially my legs and right hand. Just want to have a good rested weekend. Hope the same goes to all of you... Have a wonderful weekend!

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