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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Biggest Looser...(Not that Big pun...)

I am not fat nor I'm skinny. I've told you before... But since I've been married, I've gained almost 15 kgs. That is average of 2.5 kg per year i.e 0.21 kg per month. And this year, is the highest weight I have ever gained so far. I've tried some loosing weight product but it just a waste. I did try starving, but u know what was bound to happend... Overall, my previous diet regime did loose me a little weight, but later on I gained more (sigh...) 

A week before Ramadhan, I reflected on myself. I know I have reach a point where I'm overweight. Honestly, I was a little sad with my lack of discipline when it comes to food... my favourite food. Yup... I luv to eat. Especially those sweet things. And those yummy things... I simply love to eat. I know this can't go on... I would end up gained another 20 kgs when I reach 40. Woooo.... NAUZUBILLAH... Can't imagine how to carry that much of fat in such a small frame. For sure sakit lutut and kaki punya...

That was when I came to a new resolution. I need to shed these extra weight. At least to get back my normal BMI and get out of the overweight zone. A few days before Ramadhan, I bought digital scale to measure my progress. I stock out the food that is healthy. A lot of vege and less carb. That is my plan ( I think I have enough fat to be converted into energy :-) heheheh).

From first Ramadhan, I cut out as much as I can on rice. Drink a lot of water during sahur and eat lauk2 and vege/fruits jer... As far as I can remember, I only eat rice 3 times during this Ramadhan (tu pun dalam 3 sudu je). I really watch what I eat. I count calories (not exactly counting.. agak2 jer based on the nutri info on the packages and from internet). Alhamdulillah... I've loss some weight and my BMI has been back to normal (but still at the edge of normal BMI).
My Digital Scale :-)

I have a long way to go. My long term target, to get my weight at most 3 kgs more than the weight when I was studying at Uni. That is a very longggggg term target, looking at my progress so far... hehehhe... My short term target; to reduce my weight so that I'm out of overweight zone. I did achieved that (kudos me! yey!). So my next target is to reach at most 7 kilos from the weight that I was during my uni time. I did not set time to achive this. Lets go slow and steady.

Dear readers, please pray for me. Hopefully I'm discipline enough and istiqamah with my plan. Amin...


  1. jom kita sama2 i am overweight too..adei..need to cut of 5 hubby too..huhu..gud luck!!!

  2. Good luck! Semoga kita berjaya ya....

  3. wah...jgn terlampau drastik sweety...bak kata org, pelan2 kayuh...saya pun dalam proses untuk membuang lemak2 tepu di perut n paha ni, tp nampaknya sepanjang berpuasa hanya sekilo saja saya dapat kurangkan...

  4. lepas raya la..hehhe

  5. Nia, hehhehe... ni kira pelan la ni...i just x makan nasik as much as dulu. Benda lain semua i hentam. huhhuuhuh...

  6. Julie, x per...start bila rasa dah ready :-)

  7. wow, ni boleh jadi sumber inspirasi..sama2 kita jadi calon the biggest loser

  8. B&C, huhuuhu...yer...sama-sama la kita ya :-)