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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Majlis Ifthar 13 August

Yesterday, I went to Majlis Ifthar organised my hubby's school mate. It was an annual event (with different host every year). And this year, the event was an event that is much awaited by everyone. Why? Please scroll down below to know who this years' host...

I took the opportunity to take photo with her.
Well... It just happend that her hubby was my hubby's room mate during sekolah-sekolah dulu. What a small world. And as expected, the crowd was much larger as compared to previous Majlis Ifthar (sapa nak miss pi umah celebrity ni??). The host also invited a few anak yatim from Ma'had tahfiz in Paya Jaras to have the ifthar with us. The event started with berbuka puasa, and then solat maghrib and dinner buffet stle. The much awaited menu was kambing bakar (as usual la... diorang memang tak leh miss this menu when buat gathering...But i pun suka la...) Sedap tau... Just look at the line that we formed semata-mata nak amik kambing bakar ni...

Belakang tu ramai lagi yang beratur sebenarnya...
The event ended at 12 midnight. They had a batch meeting and pembentangan aktiviti tahunan...macam AGM la pulak... We all (the wives and children...) yang tak de kena-mengena tu, duk dengar je la mereka meeting sambil berbual-bual among us. Overall, the event was very nice and the food was superb. Amy also very nice in person and very down to earth. (In addition to that, she is really cute and petite... kecik dari i tu...)

It was fun, and this is the first time i berbuka puasa ngan selebriti tau.... jakun la sikit...hahahahhha :-P

On another note... let's do the best for this 2nd half of Ramadhan.


  1. hehe .. a pic with the celebrity! comeinya. bolehlah kenalkan i dengan dia lepas ni .. hahaha

  2. huhuhuh...first time amik gambar ngan celebrity...tu yang jakun skek tu