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Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm glad it's over

It was a hectic day, yesterday... Phew! I'm glad it's over... really looking forward to spend this weekend resting and 'lazying' (is there such a word?) around.

It all started with a rush driving to our training centre. I didn't woke up late. I woke up as usual. But i forgot that I've washed my clothes last night and now i need to 'sidai baju' before i went off to work. End up, I was 15 minutes late from the time I was suppose to leave my house. Luckily the traffic was not so bad. I arrived only 5 minutes earlier than the time that our program should start. And I was the program co-ordinator. Hehehhe... Tapi biasa la kan... the team member semua lambat. At last we started half and hour late than scheduled. We were having an Away Day to discus on the process flow of the new payment system that we adopted. We need to finalised it asap and to present it to our management by end of this month.

It was suppose to be a smooth Away Day. Just a discussion over the process flow. Instead, we were hit with the news that our payment system is still down (it was supposed to be ok yesterday evening) and the payment was not updated into the system. Adeh... As a result a lot of order were blocked and we need to resolved the issue asap. We end up doing both... the process flow discussion and getting the system back to normal. We were discussing on the process flow, then calls from all over malaysia get in and we need to explain the status to our regional offices, then on the process flow again, then to call our IT guys and check on the status, then on process flow again, then to call banks and ask what is the status at their side...and back to process flow forth... It was like a 'bilik gerakan' if you know what i mean.

At last at 4.15 pm, we managed to resolved all issues and updated the payment. Fuh!!!! Lega... Now we can enjoy our Berbuka Puasa session at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. Highlight of the day! and really a treat to us to finish up this week with something nice :-)

Hotel Lobby

We arrived around 6 pm (awainya....) need to check up the reservation, the table etc...that's why. After dah confirm our table layout everything, me and the other 2 ladies hang out at Hotel's reception area. When all the guest arrived, we went to our reserved table for the berbuka puasa. The food was superb and the buffet spread was a lot. But since I'm on diet this Ramadhan, I just get to eat half kebab daging, 5 cucuk sate and a plate of mihoon sup ekor. Hehehhehe...

That sums up my day yesterday.

p/s: Kesian MDH kena berbuka sengsorang smalam... sori ye abang...

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