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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Things that make u a child...again ;-P

For me, watching Harry Potter movies would make me a child again. Heheheh...


Yes, i admit that I'm Harry Potter fans. Walaupun masa movie Harry Potter ni keluar, waktu tu i dah kat uni, still I rasa seronok tengok movie ni macam budak2. It bring out my inner child ;-P

I saw all the movies, I know characters in this movie, I read all Harry Potter books, and i still ingat some of the incantation of spells in harry potter movie/books (expelliarmus!! alohamora! - just to name a few... hehehe). 

Last week, masa tgk korean series of Superman (Fathers yg jaga anak2 dia), i saw that Sarang went to Universal Studio in Osaka. And there it was... Harry Potter area... siap ada kedai mcm kat Diagon Alley and Weasley's brothers punya barang2 (they ate coklat yang ada mcm2 perisa including perisa taik idung ...eeewwwww!). They even drink butterbeer! Memang sebijik mcm dlm movie. How i wish i can go there and experience it (see... dah tua2 pun nak jugak experience mcm kanak2 ni...)

Well... i would say that Harry Potter world is the alternate world for me. Heheheh... I would be happy going to Hogwart and learn magic there (though i would be a muggle... but hey... I can befriended Hermoine... she's a muggle too... hehehe).

So, what are things that make u a child again? Do share :-)


  1. you nak makan coklat flavour tahi hidung tu ke? hahaha gurau je

    1. Hahaha... X nk la... I nk experince dok kat hogwarts ;-)

  2. baru terbaca post ni lepas update pasal harry potter USJ osaka. i pun peminat tegar harry potter jugak!

    1. hahaha...dah baca ur post! best sgt!