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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Current vote tally

Semalam dapat email dari PM (of course bukan PM yg personally tulih... but sesiapa yg register on this akan dapat email communication from PM, not only the on the budget but on other PM's activity. Honestly, i register just for the budget purpose :-P).

This guy's suggestion dapat 289 vote. Sangat jauh kalau nak compate ngan vote for my suggestion...

hey! but this is great! much more than tahun2 lepas :-)
I'm still happy for this vote. TQ all yg dah vote. But how i wish kalau lagi ramai yg vote... I can't do this alone... pls help me and share this suggestion with your family and friend ya :-) Kalau u share my entry pon bleh... copy ja... :-) Those yg ada fb, bleh share via fb... moh kita warwar kan supaya dapat lagi banyak vote... :-)

On another note....

Before you boleh vote, you have to register. How to register?

1. go to

2. Click at Submit your idea to log on/register

3. The following pop up akan keluar.

Kalau dah ada ID, bleh log on. After that u bleh search ja the suggestion and vote. You bleh log on using your fb or twitter id juga. Kalau belum pernah register, you click kat 'Sign up now'

4. The following pop up akan keluar. So u fill in the particular and click register.

I think it's quite straight forward... :-) May be kawan2 lain bleh share on using fb/twitter to log in... kena register juga ka atau dia terus boleh masuk. I x dop fb/twitter... so tak tau cemana... heheheh...

Anyway, x rugi pon register... sebab u bleh vote for other suggestion as well. banyak idea yg baik dalam tu... and if tahun ni suggestion ni x berjaya, nxt year memang i nak upkan lagi suggestion ni... so nxt year u all boleh vote lagi (though i hope bleh berjaya tahun ni...).


  1. tq for sharing..

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    1. salam yanie, tq for dropping by :-)