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Friday, May 18, 2012

Your House is Making You Fat

Got this article from Yahoo some times ago...

Dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner doesn't believe in will power, she believes in environmental control. She says you need to make your environment -- your home and your office -- work for you, as opposed to working against you. Make your home your safe haven where you can make healthy choices automatically, without fighting it every step of the way.

Here are Dawn's top three tips for organizing your home to be your partner in your weight loss program.

1. Don't Enter Through the Kitchen

The more time spent in the kitchen, the more likely you’ll be eating. Enter your home through the front door, not the kitchen door. When you walk through the kitchen, you’re more likely to snack. By going through the front door you will have time to de-stress and regroup, before letting your hunger or stress from the day take hold of you and make you immediately grab for a snack.

2. Paint It Blue

When you think about fast food restaurants colors, bright yellows and oranges often come to mind. These are manufactured colors to get you to eat a lot and eat quickly. Instead, paint your kitchen a light blue or green. These are more relaxing and will help you to eat less. Dawn says that when a person slows down and realizes what they’re eating, they often eat 200 calories less a day.

3. Turn Off the TV

When you eat meals in front of the TV, you associate food with television. This means, every time you watch TV, even when you’re not hungry, your brain tells you to eat. Like Pavlovian dogs, you have been trained to pair food and TV together. Watch TV without eating, and over time, it’s miraculous — you’ll be less likely to be triggered to eat.

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  1. menarik btul cadangan di atas ni :)

  2. no wonder la berat i x turun-turun... Heheheh :-P

  3. yang no.1 boleh buat..maklumlah rumah sewa ni rumah tengah

    yang no.2 - payah buat sebab ni rumah sewa..takut pulak nak ngecat2

    yang no.3 - dah jadi tabiat..

    patutlah i'm fat..sigh