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Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Minute!

I'm in a sinking ship! Not sure whether I'll be able to survive or not...

The story....

Since April hari tu I went to this course kat our Training Centre. The course basically is on leadership - transition from being an executive to a manager. Dalam course ni, ada a few training that I need to attend. To me, course ni memang bagus la. Banyak yg i belajar... Tapi, course ni bukan training sesaja, where u attend the courses and balik. It has homeworks. Yes.... homeworks or better I called it course works. Each of us need to present it during the finale. We need to present about our journey sepanjang course ni and how the course help us in our leadeship journey.

And why am i sinking??? Because, i have yet to complete my presentation slide. I'm still contemplating on what i want to present and I thought I can complete it by today.... Crazy! Yup....memang kerja gila (jangan tiru....bahaya!). But that is me... I memang suka buat kerja last minute (errr.... ikut mood... sebenarnya memang malas... huahuhahahha)

So now I'm in panicking mode. Sebab I thought I have the presentation outline, so doing the presentation won't be that hard. But when I look into the details, aiyoooo..... I kind of missed the requirement set by the trainer. Huuhuhuhuhu...sungguh haru. (and instead of using the time to think it through, I'm writing this in my blog!).

Anyway, plse pray I would pass the presentation (dah la present depan GMs...takot!). Public speaking is not my cup of tea at all. Mau menggigil esok nih.... but before that... let just concentrate siapkan presentation slide tu kan... I have until tonight to do it. Chaiyok Sweet Tooth! You can do it!

Have a nice monday everyone :-)


  1. all the best dear =)

  2. TQ Nana... I'm happy to tell u that as of the time i wrote this comment, my presentation dah siap dah... yey!!! So bleh practice presentation speech plak ni... Ngeee :-D

  3. sama la kita
    kdg2 time kalut2, kite terbuat bende lain (mcm tulis blog?)
    xbagus kan. hahahaha.