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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Blues...

Why does it called Monday Blues?

Based on Wiki answer: monday blues is the sad feeling that people have when they go back to work or school on monday.

Based on answer from yahoo answer:

Monday is the first day of work, where generally people dreaded because they had so much fun or rest during the weekend.

The meaning of monday is associated with such connotation as reluctancy, unwanted arrival and beibg mundane.

Blue is a color. In English, blue always associated with negative feelings or event such as
1. her hands were blue with cold
2. If smthg happend out of blue, it is completely unexpected.
3. Could mean something rarely - once in a blue moon
4. To show your annoyance, especially by shouting or complaining very loudly: he'll scream blue murder if he doesn't get his way.
5. To describe sad feeling : i'm feeling blue since he was gone
6. Blues : type of slow, sad music originally from southern US in which singer typically sing about difficult life or bad luck in love
7. Blue collar: describe people who do physical or unskilled work in a factory rather than office work.

Thus meaning of blue is associated with such connotation as cold, being unexpected, rare, annoyance, sadness and bad luck.

So... The meaning of monday blue could be interpreted as the low spirited, cool, annoyed, unlucky mood of people who feel that a mundane, unexpected weekday is arriving to force them back into going back to work, killing their joys and annoying them.

How is your monday?
Have a Blast one everyone!


  1. my monday is also blue..huhu sebab weekend bantai tido tak ingat nak bangun..tetiba today kena bangun awal..hehe

  2. Dreadful Monday...that's why I suka outing on Saturday so that Sunday boleh lepak2 di rumah..Kalau Sunday jalan2 malam tu dah letih nak iron baju pun malas, pastu esoknya Monday terbangun lambat pastu marah diri sendiri sebab tak iron baju the night before..Friday is the best day..hehhehe

  3. B&C, sama la... i pun Sunday tu nak rehat2 jer...Mmg agree, Friday is the best!

  4. Nana,i slalu 'ter' bangun lambat on monday... heheheh

  5. Hmm monday ros salu kna bgn awal siapkan bekpes.. Hari mggu makan luar pepagi..kihkih

  6. Wah...rajinnya Ros...i buat breakfast during weekend jer... heheheheh (nampak sgt pemalasnya i ni...)