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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just like my ...

I just realised today... everytime i told any of the person who brave enough to ask me how long i've been married (the usual next question they would ask after they know i have no kids) the answer would be...

"oohhh... u are just like my .....(dot dot dot)  " whereby the dot dot dot is someone they know and it could vary from friends, sisters or other female relatives. The sentence doesn't stop there... it would be followed by either:
"she also does not have kids after x years of marriage" or
"she only have kids after x years of marriage" followed by a story of what that person had done to get kids.

I just experience it twice today.

Funny isn't... How people try to relate to what we experience, yet they didn't know that it is far from what they think.

But, something that I can't believe... there are still people who does not know what IVF is. (yup... one of those 2 questioners ask me "Ha??...IVF tu apa?") Oh my... Is infertility something that is very alient? And here i thought that is some sort of general knowledge that anybody would know. be fair, perhaps they doesn't know because infertility is not an issue to them. Well... it just show that the level of awareness about infertility is very low. May be we should start wearing ribbons to support our infertility friend (mcm kanser pakai ribbon pink) and to create awareness...

What ribbon color do u have in mind? 


  1. nyahhhh....

    i feel u sangat!! aah i pun selalu berada dllm situasi2 yg u type tu...
    dan berada dlm perasaan yg sama dgn u jgk... tapi tak tau nak luahkan kt sapa pendam je... glad i read ur post.

    nak tambah lagi 1 ayat diorg "eh u takde cuba buat apa2 ke... takde jumpa doktor ke?"....if only they know what we been trough.... just malas nak cerita2 jek... sbb malas nak sembang panjang2 dgn diorang...

    btw, pasal ribbon tu, purple ok tak? eh, my friend ada reka 1 t-shirt yg cool untuk org2 TTC ni...nanti i letak dalam blog i....

  2. Datin, so true... That would be the nxt question after the one i wrote. Purple ok gak... Masa brkfast pg td dok terpikir color baby blue.... Ngeeee.... Sajer sbb ada word baby. Huhuhuhu....

  3. dah lama tak dpt soalan2 camni...sebab duduk jauh dr keluarga. selalu dpt soalan2 camni dapat masa balik kg n kenduri kawen...pastu emo macam nak rak...huhuhu

  4. Nia, biasa la tu... Don't worry, lama2 nanti dorg penat dh nk tanya.... Sabor je eh... :-)

  5. Couldn't agree more..

    Just like my...
    Just like my...


    I vote for blue ribbon kot..

  6. B&C,Annoying kan when that happend... Blue ribbon sounds good :-)

  7. ST...betul pon teringt. masa awal2 masuk keje, masa org tanye sy, mesti ada statement macam tuh :

    ' X pon da bape tahun kawen, xdpt anak lg. dia amik anak angkt last2'

    'oh..ada sedara pon da bape tahun kawen xdpt anak. dia pergi berurut dgn makcik X, sekrang da berderet anak dia'

    cliche ;)

    dan sgt setuju ramai sgt org xaware apa itu IVF, IUI etc. sebab? sebab mmg xde sangkut paut dgn dorang :)

    oh..akak sy pon xtahu apa itu IUI.bole? terus sy sekeh 14juta kali kt dia.hehehe.

    vote for purple ;)

  8. Salam perkenalan! :)

    Couldnt agree more with this entry..The most annoying question..have u tried product x? Have u done this..have u done that..? Maybe they care but..hehe...maybe just i'm too tired to explain to ppl what i've been tru :)