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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Follow up & OPU Day

Went to see my Gynea for follow up this morning. Alhamdulillah...berkat doa semua we do have a few eggs (erk...rasa macam ayam lak!) yang dah menepati syarat. Walaupun less than 10, but I feel really thankful to Allah...coz at least we have eggs!

So, as explained before, the next step is OPU (Ovum pick up). My Gynea scheduled the OPU on this coming Saturday morning. Since the procedure is in the morning, we need to come as early as possible to clear all the admission matter. Well...I'm not going to be warded. It just a daycare and according to the doc i'll be able to go home in the evening.

Tomorrow morning i'll still be working. Finishing up all the loose ends before i'm taking 2 weeks off for rest (yey!!!! x yah keje!).

So tonight is my last day of taking injections. No more injection starting tomorrow morning (double yey!!). As a closing to all shots, I took Ovidrel - shots that make your follicles matured and ready for OPU. So for the final day today, there were 3 shots taken. 6.45 am Orgalutron, 7.30 pm Gonal-f and last one 9.30 pm the Ovidrel.

The less-scary-than-Orgalutran Ovidrel shot...looks just like Orgalutran but the needle is thinner.
As a result of all shots that i took, area yang kena inject tu memang la rasa sakit sikit2... ada la lebam sikit2 and 2-3 hours after injection, the area injected tu sometimes rasa berdenyut-denyut. But overall, not so bad la... A lot of people asked me how did I managed to take the shot myself? Well... my answer is, you'll do it if you have to. And I have to (No choice...). Just swallow it and get done with it. But believe me... it was not that bad. So for those whose thinking of doing IVF, don't be discourage ya...If i can do it, sure u can too :-)

I'm praying that the procedure will go well. Doc already given me antibiotics and medication to ease the 'bowel movement' (kena kosongkan perut n puasa after 12 am on the day of procedure). Just normal requirement before undertake any surgery procedure. I'm just happy i was not given the 'drinking' type of medication to ease 'bowel movement'. Yuck!!! Can still feel the taste even though it has been 5 months after the laps procedure.

Anyway, I do hope you'll pray for me too (need a lot of prayers frens...). Insya-Allah, if my condition allowed, I'll update the progress later. Till then...


  1. Amin!Amin!Amin! Semoga dipermudahkan semuanya.

  2. Anonymous1:17 pm

    good luck dear. ini ketetapan Allah pada manusia yang diuji nya..finally awak dah melangkah dan bukan hanya duduk berharap semata. semoga segala pengorbanan akan terbalas dengan nikmatNya. wish you all da best

  3. semoga semuanya berjalan lancar..amin..keep updating eh...=)

  4. InsyaAllah, doa saya sentiasa untk akak.. jg diri ya?:)

  5. kak, im so excited for u. all the best! remember, my prayers are always with u ;)

  6. Tengkiu all... really feel good having all this support around me :-)

  7. insyaAllah, selepas ni akan datang bahagia..sweet tooth kena yakin dan banyakkan doa ok...InsyaAllah, semoga semuanya dipermudahkan Allah...