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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ET Day, 1 day past ET

We arrived at the hospital at 8.30 am. Sajer datang awal sebab takut sangkut traffic. You know KL... the traffic cannot be predicted. After taking breakfast at the hospital cafe, we proceed to registration counter and went to the waiting room.It was a nerve wrecking waiting...

Since the procedure is just like IUI, I need to have a full bladder to ensure that Doc can see through the ultrasound. I drank a lot of water starting at 9.45 am. Too much water, that i need to 'leak' some of it (hahahha...sorry readers... a bit gross). During the waiting time, I sempat tengok Nanny 119. Around 5 minutes to 11am, Nurse dah panggil to get ready for the Embryo Transfer procedure. Got change into operation scrub, and went to the operation theater, the same place where i did my Ovum Pick up procedure.

Before we started the ET, Doc showed me the embrios. The image was showed on computer screen. No words can describe my feeling at that time. I was so happy, beyond words... seeing for the first time my 'embies'... Eventhough it just a lump of cell, i can't help to feel that they are my pride and joy already. Alhamdulillah, I got 8 cells and 12 cells embies for transfer. The other one is only 4 cell, which according to doc should not be as it already 3 days after insemination. And the last one did not change. I still am thankful to Allah for giving me these 2 embies for the transfer (even now i still shed happy tears thinking of these 2 embies).

My embies looks like below pic, but i think mine is more beautiful... hehehehhe...

8 cell embryo. Credit to

12 cell embryo. Credit to

And the rest, is history. The procedure went smoothly. It was not painful. After resting for almost an hour and got my progesterone injection, i went back home. Doctor ordered full rest (if possible makan tido makan tido jer... hehehe).

Thinking about it, I'm technically have conceived right now. Technically though... But it's a matter of whether my embies would attached and grow into babies or not. Now it is all in Allah's hand.

Ya Allah, ku mengharap Kurniaan Mu... ku mengharap hanya dari Mu, Tuhan yang Maha Berkuasa, Tuhan yang Maha Mulia, Tuhan yang Maha Penyayang... Suburkanlah dan hidupkanlah mereka di dalam rahim ini, Semoga 9 bulan akan datang, aku bisa melahirkan khalifah-khalifah Mu ini ya Allah...Hanya pada Mu lah tempat aku bermohon dan bergantung harap... Amin.

My blood test is scheduled on 4th May. In the meantime, please pray for me dear readers...


  1. Semoga ALLAH permudahkan urusan ya...

    Take care dear,,,insyaallah rezeki itu akan hadir...amin

  2. good luck dear!
    is this ur first IVF?

  3. rasa nak nangis!ya Allah..amin..amin..amin...InsyaAllah Allah makbulkan doa tu..aminnnnnn!=)

  4. Ya Allah, I tumpang gembira. Rasa sebak sangat. Harap harap ade rezeki kami utk lalui pengalaman macam tu jugak. I doakan yg terbaik utk you dear :)

  5. Datin, tq... Ya, ni my 1st IVF
    Putries n Sash, tq for ur support. It keep me positive all the time. My prayers also for all of us, TTCian.

  6. Good luck dear. InsyaAllah, semoga dimakbulkan doa u. Amin. Take care :)

  7. Smoga berjaya..Insya-Allah..
    makin bersemangat nak try jugak..
    T8 care ye.. :-)

  8. insyaAllah..semoga usaha awak berjaya..amin...bukan senang nk lalui all the process kn..mudah2an Allah makbulkan doa dan usaha kite semua..maaf nk bertanya, awak treatment di mana ye?

  9. kite plak yg sebak..kite doakan semuanya sleamat..both mommy and babies...babies?? boleh join the club..geng mak kembar.. :) welcome to motherhood dear..

    rest bebetul..jgn buat apa2 selama tiga bulan..take care n good luck.

  10. TQ ILY & Mrs Sweet.

    Anis, i buat kat Hospital Pantai Bangsar. TQ for the doa...

    Sarah, Amin... I'm praying so hard hoping that Allah will Grant my prayers...

  11. salam kenal... K pun nak doakan agar semuanya berjalan lancar dan semuanya baik2 saja...jaga diri, banyakkan zikir dan jangan stress2... Semoga Allah makbulkan doa awk...aminnnn...

  12. TQ puan K, salam kenal juga :-)

  13. InsyaAllah. Smuge berjaya..

  14. insyaAllah.
    doakan yg terbaik tuk ST!