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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Alhamdulillah... a lot of things to be thankful for... one of it - My lil sis just getting engaged last week.Kenduri bulan 6, Insya-Allah...

Another thing, at last... the long awaited AF has arrived on last Sunday night. So yesterday, part of the morning was spent on securing appointment with my Gynea and apply for GL. Got appointment in the afternoon after lunch. I'm officially on CD 2 yesterday and starting taking Gonal-F.

Doc's assistant came to my office in the evening to teach me how to inject myself. First time tengok jarum tu, rasa... isyk, macam sakit je ni. But after akak tu tunjuk how to do it... ooo...ok, tak sakit pun. Hehehe...saja je psycho diri sendiri... So starting today, I'll inject myself with Gonal-F prescribed by the doc. Next appointment would be this Saturday. Hopefully everything will went smoothly. Amin...

The container for Gonal... Container jer besar... hehehehe

The famous Gonal-F


  1. Anonymous10:03 am


    windu nya nak cucuk gonal ni lagi.huhuh..awak wat rawatan kat mane ye

  2. sori maaf nak tanya.suntikan ni untuk prosedur apa ye ?:)anyway apa2pun gud luck

  3. MJI,TQ yer... suntikan ni untuk rangsang pertumbuhan follicle. Usually doc used this for IUI, IVF, GIFT etc.

    Sash, TQ dear...kita doa sama2 eh...

    Shara, I buat kat Pantai Bangsar :-)

  4. ST..
    sy tertinggal keretapi nie. nie baru selak2..ivf kan?

    goodluck. sy doakan yg terbaik tuk ST + hubby. keep on writing. sy nk baca + doakan tuk ST hari2 :)


  5. JD, TQ so much for ur support... really appreciate it :-)