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Thursday, June 16, 2016


If u follow my blog, u would know i don't write about politics. But what i read today really puzzle me...

I read about the kidnapping of 4 sarawakians, and about the rm12 millions that was raised by the family members. 

What puzzled me - why the hack it was donated to charity? It wasn't even government's money. The money was raised by the family members. Siap gadai umah lagi... Kenapa tak dipulangkan kepada ahli keluarga tu semula kalau mmg the money was not used in negotiating with the kidnapper? 

Pelik kan? Lately ni rasa macam senang sungguh nak dapat donation 2.6 juta and senang2 jugak nk bagi donation 12 juta ­čĄö.

Be truthful and jgn putar belit. I admit i didn't know the whole story, but from my reading the story is really puzzling...


Click here for the story

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