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Friday, November 02, 2012

A busy month

Nov is a busy month. Staff performance review for the first two wks of nov... My exam in a month (bila la nk study ni....). Am feeling burn out dah... Pardon me for not updating this blog as frequent as u'd like me to...

Nk tanya skek... sapa penah buat hsg kt hospital tawakkal? The doc is a lady kan? Siapa nama doc tu and do i have to buat appointment or i can just walk in? Pls leave mea comment ya....tq!


  1. saya ade buat HSG kat hospital KPJ tawakal.. yang dkat bulatan pahang tu kan?

    yup, doctor perempuan. tak igt plk nama.. heheh.. tapi mmg doc tu je.. my sis yg gi wat hsg 2 tahun sbeleum pun dpt doc yang sama

    gi kat website kpj tawakal.. ade number tuk wat appointment.. kna buat appointment dlu, takut doktor takde.. :)

    btw, gud luck

  2. Kak nina, i hope its not too late tggalkan komen ;)

    Doc tu nama dr fatimah yakin. U kna buat appointment on cd1. Dia akan suru dtg cd9/10. Ada la few syarat dia bg. No sex few days before going through the procedure, kalu xthn sakit advisable mkn pain killer 1/2 hour before procedure, n ada lg la that i cant remember. Hehe.

    The doc is such a soft spoken lady, chatty n nice, u wont even notice when she inserts the duck thingy into ur ms V. Doa nabi yunus helped me a lot :)

    All the best to u kakak!

    1. Tq yannie... Nk kena tunggu nxt cycle la kalo gitu... Dh lps cd 8 dah nih... Ngeee :-)