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Monday, October 01, 2012

Kuching 2 (Entry Basi)

Sorry...this was supposed to be uploaded last week... x sompek la...

First day in Kuching, we were brought to eat laksa sarawak for breakfast. This is a special place... why?
The restaurant was featured in JJCM and visited by various artists

The restaurant name is 'Tnot Laksa'. The laksa was so delicious, i ate two bowls.... huhuhuhu. And judging by the number of cars parked outside the restaurant, i think many would agree with me.

My first bowl

After breakfast, we went straight to the meeting venue, our regional office. The first day meeting went well, if not a bit dry. We discussed about governance topic for the whole day. Lunch was served inside the meeting room. We were served with some sarawak delacacies like umai and chicken cooked in bamboo. X sempat amik gambar lunch... After lunch rest, the session resumed.

In the evening the bus took us to buy some sarawak famous kuih lapis. We were dropped at Dayang Salha Kuih Lapis. And i bought a few for families at home. The best thing is, the seller here already familiar with tourist requirement. My kiuh lapis was nicely packed in a box that made it easier to take it as hand luggage in the aeroplane.

Once we back at the hotel, we went to our dinner place, just accross the hotel. I cant remember what the place name was. But the food was superb! At least for a seafood lover like me.


The pic above was some of the food in the menu. Yet to come at that time was fried soft crab, steamed fish, durians, crab soup and some more that I can't recall... But Im sure i ate it all (merasa la konon...padahal melantak!)

 The next day, I still feel full from last nite dinner. I just took light breakfast at the hotel. Then we took our bus to the regional office to resume the session. On the second day, I have presented my paper and alhamdulillah, everything went well, except for some coughing here and there.... (batuk dah 3 minggu nih...).

In the afternoon, we went to seafood restaurant for lunch. As usual, mmg superb la...Dah x concentrate pun sbb excited nak balik umah n see my hubby (huhuhuhu...sila tercekik! mcm setahun x jumpa). But still sempat singgah pasar (x ingat nama) beli ikan terubuk masin. RM 20 for 7 terubuks...yang sizenya kalau makan 2 org, sangat la terlebih2... worth it or not? I don't care sbb nak cepat2 pi airport and check in.

Alhamdulillah, flight back to KL was uneventful (except for one "artis" yg dok belakang aku- asik la dia dok bergendang2 kat tray dia which was attached kat belakang sit aku. Kot ya pun boring, be considerate la sikit... takkan x perasan kerusi aku pun bergoyang sama...seriously.... nanti org kata jakun marah pulak...). Other than that, I was so happy to get back home.... Home sweet home....


  1. makan tak hengat!!!!! huhuhuhu

  2. muahahahahhaa.... aku bab makan mmg tak hengat... Ngeee :-P

  3. Gambar laksa dah, gambar seafood pon dah, gambar si pemakan nye mana? hek hek hek!

  4. gambar si pemakan? X muat kamera nk masuk.... Hahhhahah ;-p i pemalu la....