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Monday, January 23, 2012

It starts with a dream...

Do u know Charice? A young Philippino who made it big in Hollywood. I read it somewhere that she dream of being a singer since her childhood. She keeps on dreaming, imagining herself as a singer. Along with her determination, she works hard to fullfill her dreams. It was not an easy way...

Have u ever heard a saying 'Put your target on the star... If u did not land there, u'll land on the moon'? It means that we must aim high for whatever target that we want to achieve. As high as possible, eventhough it is sounds like impossible... just imagine.... and dream...

Imagination is a power tool. It can change life... when the mental image of imagination is repeatedly visualised, and we believe it like it is real, it would attract the object or situation into our lives. This means that we should only think positive thought... because whatever we believe, we become.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last u create what u will" - George Bernard Shaw.

Keep on dreaming... who knows what will you achieve?


  1. Keep on dreaming..Sebelum ni pernah jugak la buat research sendiri for Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. Ada buku dia dan ada web dia..Ada satu lagi yang berkaitan dengan keinginan yang dibantu oleh 'universe' dari buku The Secret. Semua ni tentang kebaikan dan galakan untuk keep dreaming and act as u got it to attract what you want

    dulu ada sorang kakak kat tempat keje selalu cerita yang dia nak anak.then letak barang2 baby dalam kereta dia. dah setahun macam tu, pregnant..

    Tapi our life ni bukan all about pregnant kan, banyak lagi keinginan yang kita hendak

  2. Betul tu B&C... ada impian tu pendorong untuk kita usaha sebenarnya...

  3. maybe there is a truth! mira pun kerap berharap n dream for twins... akhirnya dpt jugak... although its beyond our control... no harm trying kan?

  4. Mira,
    La ni sebelum tidur dok always have mental picture of me preggy and babies :-) hehehhe....