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Friday, January 20, 2012

3rd Jab! Yey!

Ni entry terlambat....

I got my 3rd jab last Saturday. According to the doc, I would feel even worse after this jab. The symptom would be worsen as compared to before. So far... i still feel ok. I felt hot flashes and am easily sweating...even hotter and easier than before. Kalau masak kat dapur, lepas masak tu dah macam marathon 8 km. Other than that, i don't feel any much different. By right Aunt Flow would come and visit in 8 to 11 weeks from now. Can't wait for the next step :-D Ngeee.....

Am looking forward to be free from this effect. Hang on...only 8-11 weeks to go...

On the bright side, I can still throw tantrum and blame it on the lucrine within this 4 weeks... heheheheh.... I can cry my eyes out and blame it on lucrine.... I can almost blame everything on lucrine.... what a nice perks! Extra nice - I do not have any pimple 'breakout' due to AF arrival (licin and berseri-seri muka i... muahahahhah) But still... hopefully everything went on as planned. Semoga dipermudahkan...Amin :-)


  1. Insyaallah. Myself hari tu ngam ngam 8 weeks, af dtg dgn sepenuh hati. Nasib baik dtg, klu tidak jenuh kena amik ubat lagi. Whts ur next plan? I ingat nak buat iui+gonal. Tp tak tau bile lagi...

  2. sweet tooth,
    lucrine ni hormon jugak eh? ye la kn. apa lg. hehe. wahhh... so many perks ;p

    tp lamanya lg ur AF? mmg cmtu ke?

  3. Sash, harap2nya on time la AF tu nanti... Insya-Allah lepas ni kalo ader rezeki nak proceed ivf.Doakan yer :-)

    yannie, x sure la pulak (hehehhe... i budak akaun:-P ) Cuma this jab akan berentikan AF. Means dia sekat hormon2 yg slalu associated ngan AF ni, so x kluar la AF tu. And terasa la symptom2 like nak menopouse tu... 1 jab for 1 month. This is treatment for endometriosis.