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Friday, February 22, 2013

Why do I choose my current Gyne?

First of all, I don't have vast experience in fertility treatment with a number of doctors... so my entry might be biased. I've been with my current gynecologist since 2008. She is my second gyne. I fell in love with her when the first time I met her. (huhuhuhu...dramatik la sgt ayat nih...)

The first ever criteria for me to choose a gyne: the doctor must be a woman. I prefer it that way. Since the doc shall 'witness everything' of me, i'd prefer if it is a woman. It is actually up to your preference. If u feel comfortable with your decision, it's up to you to choose male or female doc.

Back then in 2006 - 2007, the only gyne i know was Doc Hamid Arshad. Thanks to internet, i googled all hospital that is available in Kuala Lumpur/ Eastern Region to search for a female gyne that offered IVF service. From there, I found my current gyne. She was a visiting doctor at one of private hospital that offered IVF service. When I google her name, there I found  the hospital where she was also visiting doc, a hospital where i did my first laps in 2008. But then, since I was in eastern region prior to 2008, i didn't do anything until i transferred back to KL. I made our first appointment and the rest is history.

What was other criteria? The doc must make me feel comfortable in consulting her. And my gyne is that person in so many ways...

I'm a crybaby. I can even cry when reading sad novel and watching sad movie scene.I would say my gyne is a soft spoken person (aren't all gyne are? huhuhhuuhu). She is caring yet professional at the same time. I can see that she is 'tegas' (can't find the word in english... heheheheh) when she need to be and she encourages question from her patient. I am so at ease with her. But one thing that i really like about her is that, she is so down to earth and always reminded me to not give up and don't ever forget to 'ask' for Allah's help in TTC journey. She said she is only doing what she can, but the result is depends on Allah's will.

Another reason that I like about her; she do care about you as her patient (again...aren't all doctors are??). When I did my 2nd laps, I was warded for almost 4 days. My stomach was bloating on the 3rd day and it was on weekend. The ward doesn't have any scanner. So she asked me to stay for one more night, just in case and so that she can scan my tummy tomorrow at her clinic. The next day after scan, she said "Alhamdulillah... x de apa2... i takut u bloated sebab darah berkumpul. I tak boleh tidur mlam tadi asik teringat your condition ni." Another story; last year... You know how costly IVF treatment is... she would try to help in any way that she can to reduce the charge. She would always refer her 'price schedule' when recommending me to buy my 'IVF stim meds' from the cheapest source. I can feel that she really is trying to help me.

She likes to learn and improve her knowledge in her field. She also likes to share them as well. I'm a follower of her blog. Very informative and was written in a casual way that I can understand the medical jargon. You can find her blog on my wall. Feel free to drop any question in her blog. Many does...

So...what is your criteria for a gyne?

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  1. The 1st criteria is the same. Female doctor.. 😊.