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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sky Bridge

It's been 9 years since I've been working. And within that 9 years, I've been to KLCC for  a lot of times. But I have never, even once, cross over the sky bridge. Today, I did :-)

View of doors to Tower 1

Seronok sangat...luckily a friend of mine has acces to the sky bridge. So i took the opportunity to cross the bridge when I had a meeting at Tower 1 yesterday.

View of Tower 2 doors over my shoulder... That orange thing is my pebret shawl :-)
That is Tower 1 at the right side of the Bridge

And the best pic of all...

Beautiful isn't it? Pic showing KLCC Park from sky Bridge...

This experience kept me thinking... How Great Allah is, giving humans brains that make it possible to achive such feat as building this twin towers, with a bridge that make it possible to cross over the building at level 42 (I don't know how meters above sea it is).

Anyway, do enjoy this trivia. It is so informative :-)


  1. hari tu ada gak tgk psl how they built twin tower kt discovery channel... sgt menarik and scary too time diorang angkat sky bridge tu naik ke atas... berdebar2 jer tgk... :p

  2. hehhe...i pun ada gak tgk tu... amazing kan..

  3. aku tak pernah pegi lagi... teringin sangat. sapalah yang boleh bawak aku ni ;) hehe ... kalau nak masuk ticket sky bridge tu kena awal kan ... hmm ... boleh masukkan dalam 'things to do' in my dream book.. :D

  4. Adah...yup...awal pagi dah penuh tourist beratur beli tiket...