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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bersyukurkah kita?

Ramai yang menghitung kekurangan diri, tapi kurang yang menghitung kelebihan sendiri...

Today our department had a visit to Rumah Perlindungan Rahoma @ Taman Melati. The objective of the visit is to hand over our donation (personal donation from staff - cash+ used clothes & used books that still in good condition) for the kids. In conjunction with Ramadhan that is fast approaching, we hope our donation and visit would bring some cheer to the kids.

There is around 30 kids that is sponsored by this charity house. All of them are kids who are less fortunate (fakir) and had lost either parent. They seems cheerfull though. I can see how happy they were with our visit. The program started with speech from Datuk Faridah, the president of ths charity house.

I really salute this lady & other volunteers of non profit organisation. They do a great work and we should support them, don't u think?

We were also entertained by the kids who sang a few Nasyid for us. I managed to take video one of the Nasyid.

Then we had a sesi 'ramah mesra' and 'makan-makan' with the kids. It was an eye-opening experience. I can barely held my tears when i look at this kids (being dramaqueen and oversensitive me...huhuhuuh) . Kesian kat diorang....kecik-kecik dah hidup susah... Tapikan, eventhough they are less fortunate but they feel happy and blessed. That got me to question myself, am I grateful enough for what I have today? Did I feel blessed with what I am today?

Ya Allah, let us be your humble and grateful servant! Do not let us astray from your path, and let us be among your pious man...Amin.

p/s: Balik tu jalan jam gila... 18 kilometres jammed....almost 3 hours stuck at MRR2 exit to Seremban because all those 'kaki bola' memenuhkan stadium ari ni... ades....

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  1. been there in that situation before... just cant explain the feelings within...