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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She...Hope... Wish...

For those who are TTCing, missed AF would be the biggest headache. Especially when all the preggy- like- symptom are experienced by them. She started to quizzes herself ' this PMS or preggy symptom?' She would overanalysed her body for any changes she felt; 'Oooo... i think i feel a little bit nausea today...or ooo... i feel dizzy today.... '

In addition to that she started to research the internet to look up on articles that explains the early pregnancy symptom, the PMS and the difference between the two, just to refresh her memories on the subject eventhough she has read it more than 33 times for the past 6 years. She would again analyse the symptom that she felt and try to determine whether it is pregnancy symptom or just  a PMS.

I am 'she'.What a pathetic me :-P hehehhehe...

Anyway... just hope for the best and for AF to starts showing up (if not otherwise...Amin). Whatever for me, I'll leave to to Allah as He Knows Best!


  1. i'm doing it almost every month too :) been married 6 yrs ker? br tau ..

  2. so am i..nih dh 8 days delayed.try to be calm and tak pikir sgt but cannot avoid it.

    just doa..moga Allah segera beri petunjuk.amin..

  3. Lady Mira; hehehhe... tu la kan...yup..married for 6 issful years and more... Amin.

    Myself; try caner pun, it will creeping up my mind. Might as well pikir je kan? Mana tau ada rezeki jadik betul ke... mind is also a powerfull tools :-) Insya-Allah...will pray that Allah will give what is best for us.