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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hari Hari Yang Seterusnya...

15 August 2016

Time to put plan into motion. Pagi2 i dah ngadap boss and inform him that I'll be taking unpaid leave for 2 months to care for my newborn adopted child. Alhamdulillah...boss i OK ja... Then, shoot to KLCC. Had lunch with my BFF. Waktu i share the news with her, i siap nangis lagi tau! kat Secret Recipe masa tu. Org yg mkn sebelah kitorang heran agaknya tgk apasal la minah ni nangis... huuhuhu... that was a happy tears OK. I can't count how many times i have cried talking about my baby. Even lepas solat pon i nangis sbb rasa syukur sgt Allah bagi peluang ni... After lunch, jumpa my indirect boss and inform her my plan as well. Alhamdulillah, settle...

16 August 2016

In the morning, went to clinic yg i slalu pegi, tanya if klinik dia ada bagi ubat for induce lactation. The answer was NO. The doc asked me to see my Gynea instead. So i set an appointment on the next day to meet my gynea.

Then I submitted my Unpaid Leave application form. Held department meeting to inform my staff. All of them was happy for me. They knew how i wanted baby so much (or were they happy sebab i'll be going on leave for 2 months? hhuhuhuhu :-P)

17 August 2016

Pagi2, pi PHKL. Jumpa my gynea. Turn out that I should see a Lactation Consultant sepatutnya. So I contacted the number given. But the consultant was not around that day. I made an appointment with her the next day.

I got a call from the person in charge (PIC) in arranging the adoption. My baby is still in hospital. Doc dah mulakan antibiotik. Result darah masih belum dapat. I risau... Smg Allah lindungi my baby...

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