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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year @ Office

Happy New Year!

Yup... you read it right... I'm in the office.

It has been a while since the last time i had to come to office during weekend or public holiday. 2 years back kot... That was the last time when i had to do monthly and yearly account closing. My current job doesn't require me to do month end or year end closing anymore. 

So, why did i came to the office today? Actually our company had to change into latest version of accounting system. So the old system was frozen to allow the consultant to extract and carried over data to new system. As such, the automated collection system from our customer account was also frozen. We have to do it manually. Just imagine, extracting data from 19 terminals all over the country... tu belum lagi part checking and verifying the info to ensure its correctness... Nightmare... such a nightmare... Just hope for the best and do the best during this downtime period. Pls pray for me and my team.

On the other note;

Happy new year to all... tak sempat nak summarised the ups and the downs sepanjang 2012 ni... But I am thankful to Allah for all the things happend to me in 2012. Semuanya ada hikmah yang tersendiri.

Semoga di tahun 2013, Allah masih memanjangkan Hidayah dan Rahmat Nya ke atas kita semua. Semoga impian anda tercapai dan doa anda juga dimakbulkan di tahun 2013. Amin...


  1. Alaa, kesiannya cuti2 tp still kena keja. Eh, happy new year my dear! Semoga tahun ini lebih baik & happy dari sblmnya :)

    1. heheh...nak buat cm ne...dah keje...kena la buat :-) Happy new year to u 2 :-)

  2. sungguh berdedikasi :) hehehe .. permulaan yang baik 2013.
    wish you all the best for 2013, my dearest fren!

    1. dedikasi terpaksa... ;-) u 2 dear, all the best!