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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home. Sampai umah pkol 2 ptg tadik. This week i had a division meeting at Pulai Spring Resort. The room was quite nice. It was an apartment style actually. But the food there, lack of variety. Well... it was compensated with the lunch and dinner that we had outside the hotel.

First day - thursday
Arrived at Pulai Spring Resort. Check in
Treasur hunt activities. My group was in the 3rd place... huuhuhuhu.

8 pm : went for dinner with regional finance staff. The place was quite nice. Memula tengok macam sikit je makanan yg dihidang. Sekali, lepas tu, punya banyak jenis lauk... the menu was nasi putih, sup ayam, ayam goreng lemon, ikan kukus, daging masak rempah, udang goreng mentega, sayur kobis goreng and sayur kailan goreng. oh ya...dessert.... laici in ice.

2nd day : friday
morning, after breakfast we went for a visit to our depot in pasir gudang. Went there by a bus... dah lama x naik bas. dah rasa macam rombongan sekolah la pulak... huuhuhuhu...

our bus

we had our lunch here... Nice place. The food was simple yet superb! We had ikan siakap goreng, udang goreng, sayur kacang goreng, sambal belacan, kerabu mangga and kari daging. Look who officiate this place...

the view... kedainya yang belah kiri. Kedainya simple jer...just a kedai papan atas sungai. Amazingly, ramai org and u better book ur place before coming here.

After lunch, we had our meeting back at Pulai Spring. It was just an update on current affairs, and expectation of the GM on this year performance.
The meeting was until 6.15 pm.

At night, we had our dinner at a restaurant near Tanjung Pelepas port.

view from the restaurant. yang lampu2 tu, that is the port.

the food...after. x sempat nak ambik gambo before...lapo gila.

our menu: nasi putih, udang goreng celup tepung, baby squid with honey fried, ketam black paper, sayur taugeh goreng, tom yam sea food and for dessert laici in ice.

Overall, i think we ate too much during the meeting (we had a tea break during the meeting and the visit to depot). Even when i woke up the next day, i still feel full. Memang i belasah abis semua food. heheheheh.... i think i need to restart my diet... soon.

And now, i'm home. Tq my lil sis kak cik for the ride to the JB airport.

Till then.


  1. hi kakak gigi manis...

    last week iza pon gi day company kat damai laut perka...nanti ada masa iza update pasal family day tu...
    best kan jalan2 naik bas, cam sekolah2 dulu nak balik asrama..

  2. Betul tu Iza... masa dok dalam bas tu, mula la teringat kenangan rombongan sekolah dulu... heheheh...