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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm back :-)

Salam dear readers (huhuhu... Perasan macam la ramai sgt yang baca blog ni).

I'm back... After hibernating for a while... It was a necessary 'hibernation' (eh... Ada ke perkataan ni?). Anyway... I have settled a lot of things during the hibernating period. My work, my personal life and everything.

Eventhough i didn't blogging, i still read and follow the udate of my TTCian fren. For those who has succeeded, congratulation dear fren... I'm so happy for you. To those who has not, don't be sad. Know that Allah has other plan for you and stay strong. Insya Allah... Jika di Izin Nya... Ada rezeki kita... Yang penting janganlah kita berputus asa dengan Rahmat Allah.

Until next time...