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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outstation or Balik Kampung?

I'm at Port Dickson since last Thursday. I have an away day for KPI and target setting for our division for FY 2011. Ni kira balik kampung ke outstation eh? Heheheh...

Anyway, This time around the schedule is not that tight. Initially we would have Head of Department IPC setting tonight. However, the GM already said that only the SMs should attend the discussion. So the Managers can relax and chill out this evening. Petang tadi pun abis discussion on Department initiatives around 4 pm. Lepas tu we had Durian and Manggis Feast. Petang ni free n easy. Malam kang, BBQ dinner at poolside. Lepas tu, free n easy again. Sambung esok pagi pulak for Head of Section IPC setting.
But actually, for the past 2 days our department dah brainstorm all the initiatives and IPC. That is why the discussion today smoothly sailed dalam waktu yang singkat.

Tomorrow is the last day, expected to finish the meeting by noon. Lepas tu, balik umah... Yey!

Ok, enough about the meeting. We stay at The Legend. Nice room...siap ada 2 queen bed lagik. Food pun ok. The first night here it was only me and dear hubby. Tapi since last night he was on night shift, so I ajak la MIL, SIL and 2 nephews stay kat hotel. My nephew seronok la coz dapat mandi kolam :) Seronok tengok diorang enjoying their stay here.

The scene from my room's balcony...

The bathroom area. Sikit punya besor bathtub dia...

Bilik tidur...

Nice kan? Ok... till then.

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