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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lawatan Sambil Belajar (Updated)

Last wednesday n thursday, I went to 2 depot for lawatan sambil belajar. Ye la...nak kena la belajar operation of my company. Bila dah paham operasinya, barulah bleh nak support the business. On wednesday, I went to Subang, memahami bagaimana operasi pengisian minyak untuk kapal2 terbang & 'heli' di sana. Sempat la tengok bowser and dispenser in action :).

 On Thursday lak, pi tengok how our company's product being distributed all over central region. It involved a lot of co-ordination and I'm amazed by the people who are working 'behind the scene' ni. Ye la...I tau isi minyak jer kat petrol pump. rupanya banyak kerja involved di sebalik tabir tu...

I appreciate the experience and knowledge gained from the visit. Hopefully I can provide the best support for the business :)

p/s: memang salute to the team yang buat stock take every month end... tinggi gila tank ni nak kena panjat amik reading.

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