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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Year End Review

Approaching the financial year end, everybody would be busy with the performance review. It is not an easy task actually... you have to review yours and your subordinates performance, give it rating and justify it should the rating is above average or below average. This requires soft skill and negotiation skill as well (kena nego ngan your superior kot...) But for me, If you really deserve it, it would not be difficult to justify your performance. However, if your performance is just average, you would be craking your head to come out with justification. As such, I'm leaving it to my subordinate to justify, should they feel their performance is above average. Then, we'll see if it is really good performance or just meeting the target.

 I have 4 subordinates to be evaluated this Friday. Just received their draft performance review, hence a lot of work to be done by this Friday. Alhamdulillah, both meetings tomorrow morning and evening were cancelled. Perhaps I can finish it all by tomorrow.

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