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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lazy Saturday

It is saturday. I'm planning of being lazy today. Just wanna rest, watching TV, while I'm surfing Internet all day long. Tapi jap lagi I have to cook lunch. My dear hubby is working on night shift tonight. So, for sure he'll eat lunch in the evening, before going off to work. If masak awal, I can get my rest earlier...

Why am I being lazy today? Coz tomorrow I have a full day meeting, evaluating performance of staff in my company for this financial year. Eventhough I did not involve directly in the evaluation, I still have to be there to observe the process. Coz next year, I'll be the one to evaluate them. Kiranya nak amik pengalaman la ni... But still...meeting on weekend? This is the first time in my entire 8 years working life. (Sigh....) I guess things are different right now. The expectation of your employer goes higher as you reach higher position in the company. I just wonder how would I fare in the future? Hmmmm....

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