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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Lagi projek hujung minggu

Dear readers,

I'm sorry for the long silence. Been busy with hectic work schedule and too tired to update my blog. Anyway, last weekend i did another 'projek hujung minggu'. My youngest sister is getting married this weekend. So, i volunteered to do her 'hantaran'. I like doing this kind of creative job. I remember since I was in secondary school I would made my own cards (birthday, congratulation etc.) to give to my frens. I even imagined I would open a card shop selling my own designed cards. hehehehe...

The project started on Friday night. Actually the raw material was already bought a week before. But I was too tired to do it. The first design took me a lot of time coz i need to start from scratch. Try this and that... not satisfied, I changed my design. Until I'm satisfied with the decoration. From there, things getting easier. That night I did 2 of 9 dulang hantaran.

On saturday, I managed to finished all the dulang while watching a korean drama. Actually, I finished my decoration around 12.30 am. But I only slept on 6.30 am coz I continued watching the korean drama... hahahha....

So... do you want to see how did it turn out? Since my sister already gave me her permission, here are the sneak preview...

Bekas pot pouri

Hehehhe...cantik tak? I'll update more on the event itself next week. In the meantime, can't wait to see my lil sis who'll be coming home for good after years at Scotland. Good to have you back here sis! See you on Friday... My feet already itchy waiting for the shoes that you bought for me... hehhehe (sounds like i'm more happy to have the shoes than welcoming my sis home...huhuhuhu....)


  1. ada bakat nampak! buat sesekali mereleasekan tensen

  2. Hehehe... Bakat terendam....

  3. wow....sangat cantik ok,kakak gigi cantik..
    boleh buat side income nih ^_*

  4. hehhe...tq iza... buat untuk adik beradik ok la... nk buat untuk org lain, tak larat aa.... lotih mak cik :-)