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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 1

After 'weighing' a few options for a while, I've decided to start on my diet program with DB product yesterday. I bought it (kaching!!! There goes my money) and start to drink the first sachet last night.
I was told that I may find it hard to sleep for the first week using this product.

Yes... I can't sleep last night. But I wonder whether it was because of DB or because i drank 2 cups of 'teh tarik pekat' yesterday evening... (X tahan kafein...that's why I don't drink coffee)

Anyway, I feel very thirsty today. No wonder those people who tried this product could drink until 5 litres a day. I drank around 3 litres only. Tomorrow, will have to bring my own air masak la gamaknya...

Let's just hope that this time around, I'll make it to the '42' number that been missing since I got married. Heheheh... Chaiyok!

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