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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kilat dan Muhasabah

Hallowww....... It's been a while isn't it? Sorry for the long silence. Since after the exam, I couldn't find the right mood to write yet (read: M.A.L.A.S!! hahahhaa...)

What about 'kilat' or in omputeh lightning nih??! Nothing... It just that time flies so quickly...sepantas kilat! pejam celik...pejam celik... (sure millions time pejam celik la...) tengok-tengok we've reached end of the year. Tak lama lagi dah nak masuk tahun baru.

Bila masuk tahun baru...mesti ada azam baru kan... bila ada azam baru, tu mesti nak masuk tahun baru... heheheh... But before that, let's review whether azam awal tahun 2012 nih ada tercapai ke tak?? Cer teka...cer teka... heheheh (ni apsal gedik sgt nih??)

Well..mari kita muhasabah balik pencapaian tahun ni... So far, masih belum rezeki i.e belum tercapai hajatku (bukan akalku yer mcm lagu tu). This is referring to both of my resolution: 1) Nak conceive a healthy baby and 2) nak abiskan my study. So, since x tercapai, kena la carry forward to next year kan... ala...macam yang kita belajar akaun tu...kalo ada balance in the account, tentula kena carried over to the next accounting period kan...kalo tak, tak balance akaun tu... (ni dah melalut....)

Still...I have a lot to be thankful to Allah. Alhamdulillah, my work and career is well...murah rezeki tahun ni. And I'm happy with my life (Is that a contributing factor to the increasing number of my weight??! Hehehehe). Admittedly, I'm well aware that my goal to achieve healthy weight is yet to materialised (sigh....). Well... silap sendiri gak... Dah turun ari tuh, naik yoyo... Definitely will carry over this resolution to next year...

Perjuangan belum selesai... ketiga-tiga resolution ini akan diperbaharui semula... and my immediate attention would be to reduce my weight. My cycle is getting longer now... (not good at all!). So i need to achieve my healthy weight before I proceed my next treatment. I need to be on a tip top condition during the treatment to heighten my chances on conceiving. Doakan i yer!

How about you dear reader? Have you achieved your resolution? And what is your 2013 resolution?

I pray that 2013 would bring happiness and health to all of us :-)

Till then...


  1. all the best for years to come!

  2. sweet, the same goes for me..nampaknya kena carry forward la..hehe..mudah2an rezeki zuriat kita tahun ni la yer.. :-)