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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sound of music

After studying since morning, this evening i rewarded myself with watching tv. U all pernah tengok tak 'qualification of men'? You can watch it at channel 391 or 392 (HD) around 4.25 pm every sunday. It is about a bunch of men who try sorts of things until they succeed. So far i have seen them trying to be certified bread maker, marathon atheletes, architech - design their dream house, passing korean exam, weigh loss, body building and so on. However, for the past 2 weeks the challenge was to sing in a choir competition. Actually this is the second time they are doing choir challenge. Sedap gak group diorang nyanyi. But the thing is diorang nyanyi lagu2 dari filem the sound of music.

I really love the movie. You can say because of the song. Dulu i siap record the song masuk dalam kaset (oowwhhh....ancient nya....pakai kaset lagi zaman tu....). Jalan ceritanya pun best... ada comedy, romantic, suspense... hehehe... sampai skang i suka movie nih. For me cerita nih mmg evergreen.

Do Re Mi is one of the song featured in the movie. Other songs yang i suka termasuk la a yodel song (can't remember the title...but the song is so funny!), 16 going on 17 and My Favourite Things. Other songs pun best jugak... If u all nk dengar, google je la yer you tube... heheheh... Till then :-)

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