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Friday, July 08, 2011


From the news this morning, there would be several road closure due to this Bersih thingy. For the past few days, police pun dah buat road block to enter into PLUS highway nearby my house. The first day road block tu, memang jam gila... but I managed to arrived at my office in time. The next day, agaknya semua dah expect ada road cblock so they went out to office earlier... so x banyak la sangat kereta, even jalan pun x jam macam selalu.

Today, a few times helicopter dok berlegar-legar di kawasan dataran merdeka (and lalu kat sebelah tingkap opis saya). My staff said, FRU dah ada kat Dataran Merdeka. And the best thing about Bersih thingy ni, we got emails from our HR saying that we can go back home at 4 pm today due to road closure... yey! Hari ni balik awal...

Other than that, I don't see any other positive thing that could come out resulting of this 'demo'. I don't know... this is just my opinion.

Anyway, have fun this weekend everyone!

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  1. hmm ... suke2 tarik perhatian dunia .. hehe.
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