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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What kind of best friend are you?

I'm a 'loyal best friend':

You are true to your friends, and that goes double for your best friend.
You are trustworthy and faithful. Once someone is a friend, that person is a friend for life.

You are hard-working and believe in persevering. You don't give up on anything or anyone.
You make your friends feel stable and secure. You will be there through thick and thin. 

At least, that is what I got when I did the 'what kind of best friend are you' quiz. Heheheh.... But i do believe I'm a loyal friend :-) (mari masuk bakul....). You can try the quiz yourself here.

Actually I was watching Korean Drama '49 days'. And part of the storyline is about a friend that has betrayed her best friend just because she was jelous with her fortunate friend. Come to think of it.... orang cam tu ada jugak ke kat dunia ni eh? Imagine... they've been friends since high school (and now they are about mid 20s). Boleh dia suruh bofren dia tackle her best friend and rampas harta keluarga perempuan tu... Macam tak logik, tapi... who knows... anything can happend right?

That got me to question myself ; what kind of friend am i?... hence I google and found this web... (skang ni senang jer... maklumat di hujung jari anda... google je kalo nak tau apa-apa...but be careful...kena tapis2 gak maklumat2 ni...).

Anyway... the drama will end next week. Tak sabo nak tau apa jadik...


  1. dulu2 Ai tak layan cite korea ni.
    sejak tahun lepas Jek suka tgk dan tahun ni Ai terjebak sama.

    skrg suka tgk I hear Your Voice

    1. Hahahha...tu la pasal..bila dah tgk mmg kena tengok sampai habis. La ni sebab waktu siarannya sama ngan My Kitchen Rule, i dah lama x ikut koran drama...