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Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Day

Tomorrow me & hubby will attend my company's family day at Corus Hotel. I need to be there quite early...around 11am supossedly. But I'm not sure whether my dear hubby could make it. He is in the night shift tonight..., and will only back home tomorrow by 9.30 am. I'd like him to catch few hours of sleep first... Anyway, we'll see what happend tomorrow.

The reason I have to be early is because I'm one of the committee in charge of welcoming participant to the event. Plus... The VVIP is a lady, so I'm kind of her companion during the event. X best la nak kena temankan VIP ni... but, what to do... I'm the only lady manager yang ader kat Central Region ni... have to la...

ok, GTG... need to pack our staff for this weekend.

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