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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 2

I lost count at how many times I've visited 'ladies room' today. Managed to drank up to 3 litres so far... Another 2 litres to go before I go to sleep. Semalam pun I can't sleep as easily as before. Hopefully tonight will be better.What did I eat today? I have cornflakes+milk for breakfast, 3 ketul kuih during morning tea break, a scoop of nasi+ikan+daging+ulam+sambal belacan for lunch, 3 ketul kuih again for afternoon tea break and 4 slices of toast+telur for dinner. Actually, tak ler pantang sangat pun. Just lessen the quantity. Can't wait until day 10 to test the result.

I'm having training today and tomorrow (I'm so happy coz don't have to bersesak-sesak kat traffic jam). Nice to meet some old frens during the training. Really not looking forward to come back to office on Friday...(sigh....)

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