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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Why do Bad Things Happend?

Last week, sambil2 masak, i dengar Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan's khutbah on the above title. Tak sampai setengah jam pun khutbah dia, but it really meaningful. I like his talk/delivery... sgt bersahaja, tapi penuh berisi.

Ramai antara kita yg keliru, kenapa bad things happend to us. Why umah kita terbakar? Why kita sakit? Why kita tak de anak? Most people would call these bad thing as Musibah, which is synonym to calamity/disaster. But in old Arabic, Musibah come from verb 'asabah' and asabah mean to hit a target. So the word musibah, is something that hit you, and hit u exactly where it was supposed to hit you. That is why in Al-Quran, Allah using the word musibah to describe any bad things that happend, because as far as His qadar/planning is concern, ia berlaku seperti yang telah diputuskan. It is a perfect hit, in every single thing.

Did i picked your interest? Come and hear more from the ustaz himself. Tak lama... tak sampai setengah jam...but pengisiannya, Subhanallah....sangat bermanfaat buat kita....

Among of the discussion in the talk:
- Why we say Innalillahi Wainna Ilaihi Rajiun bila ditimpa Musibah
- How to differentiate which musibah that was caused by us, and which musibah was decreed by Allah.

Happy viewing/listening. And let's share what is ur taking from this khutbah, shall we? :-)


  1. thank you for sharing.
    it is indeed a beautiful talk with great delivery.
    i like the example given, close to my life.

    i have the habit of questioning why things happen to me.
    and this is such a great reminder.

    1. cafiena, am glad to share it... hope many more would beneit from it.. :-)