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Monday, April 28, 2014


U all, penah tak masa bangun pagi2 nak pegi keje, dah siap mandi sumer, sekali rasa...alamak...malasnye nak keje...

penah tak? penah tak?

I rasa cam tu hari ni. ahahahaha... x tau la... may be sebab kena 'bambu' masa board meeting last friday (T-T) so ri ni rasa nak rehat extra sehari. Nak kumpul energy balik, sebab banyak sgt action item nak kena buat lepas ni.

So i decided amik Emergency Leave today and just chillex kat umah.

What happened last Board Meeting? Enough if i said that Board members x puas hati with my papers and had to redo the paper and resubmit. (On my defence, i'm still new to the company, and i learn a lot this time around. The Co Sec siap report to my GM and SM lagik on my 'bad' performance (T-T sampainye hati dia... x kasik can langsung...). Tak pe la... learn from mistake and move on.

X mo ingat pasal keje hari ni... nak chillex and rest. Tomorrow is soon enough to get in working mood.

Till then.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rezeki Pagi2

Smalam i balik keje lambat... sampai umah, dah maghrib, terus masuk umah. Tak tengok pon ada surat ke tak dalam post box tu. Pagi ni nak pi keje, ujan plak... Tapi dalam kereta i, i nampak ada surat dalam pos box tu. Redah la kejap ujan tu amik surat (punya pemalas nak bukak payung...sebab kejap je).

Tengok2 ada surat from Etiqa. Eh...apahal plak ni...Insuran kereta nak luput ke??? Bukak2... Alhamdulillah... Rezeki pagi2 ni...

Dapat doploh hinggit dari Etiqa ni...
Sikit je amount? OK la tu dari tak de kan... sapa nak bagi free doploh hinggit? Heheheh.... Actually, this is my first time dapat return from Etiqa ni. I guna Etiqa Insurance for my car. Selalu buat kat myEG. Senang, hantar ke rumah/opis terus. Tak yah susah2 nak renew road tax n insurance. And i choose Etiqa Takaful as insurance for my car.

Cek ni Etiqa bagi sebagai sharing ke atas keuntungan yang Etiqa buat last year. Ia berdasarkan konsep Mudharabah, perkongsian keuntungan antara Etiqa dan pemegang sijil/peserta. So far, ada ke insurance company lain yg buat konsep ni ye? If ada, do share with me :-)

OK...back to work... esok Board Meeting (arrrgggghhh!!!!!) and presentation i x siap lagi. Hari ni nak pulun buat and review...sempat ke???? huhuhuhu...

Till then...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Adeh....banyak betui keje nih... stress!!! Sebab apa stress? Sbb i baru, and there are a lot of info and things that i need to catch up especially for Board of Directors Meeting jumaat ni... Dah la banyak paper from my department, so banyak la nak kena prepare sebelum present the paper during Board Meeting tu.... (T-T)

from google

Lama dah x rasa stress cam ni... sebab kat tmpat lama dulu, operational issues, tak deal dgn Management. But now, answerable to the Mgmt and kena present paper (how i hate kena buat presentation... nebes tau!!!)

Aih... doakan Board Members lembut hati, tak gasak i dgn soklan2 yg i x leh nak jawab and smg presentation i berjalan dgn lancar...Amin...

Tell me... How do u all cope with stress keje??? And caner tanak bagik nervous ek buat presentation?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The number is moving!!!! (At last)

A wonderful day, today was.

Woke up in the morning, as usual, i akan timbang berat i. And today, Alhamdulillah...the number yang dok turun naik turun naik the same range has finally moving down! I was so happy!!! (clap...clap...clap...). At last.... hehehhe....

OK, since number dah gerak turun, I'm so bersemangat nak teruskan progress turun ni. And makin menambah semangat bila pagi tadi ada check up free sempena aktiviti kat opis lama i. I was invited to join their health day (coz dorang nak buat official majlis farewell for me as well).

A talk from National Kidney Foundation (NKF) on Kidney Health. Insaf kejap tengok how our lifestyle could affect our health....
NKF was invited to give a talk and they did the health check up as well. The health check up is free, except for cholesterol level check (RM5). Health chk up tu ada check up on sugar level in blood, waist circumference, BMI as well as urine test for kidney chk up. So apa result my chk up??

Well, gula dlm darah : 6.1. Sebab i dah makan an hour before the blood test,  so it considered normal.. I remembered, in June last year 6.1 was my fasting glucose in blood. So this is an improvement :-) Cholesterol level i 4.56. Consider normal gak. But higher than the last test i took in June which is 3.95. Errr... too much fried food ke ni?? My circumference (ukur lilit pinggang) is OK. 3 cm less than the max allowed (yellow alert here...dekat sgt dah tu...). Urin analysis, i x leh buat coz AF is with me (CD5).

And the final chk up is - my BMI. Yang ni I tak agree dgn penimbang yg NKF bawak. Ahahahha... U knw why??? Coz based on penimbang tu, i was 3 kilo heavier than my weight yg i timbang pagi tadi. And when i asked my 2 other friends, berat dorang pon jadi tambah 3 kilos. So i conclude that the BMI calculation yg dia buat tak betul. And i stand by my weight yg i timbang pagi tadi. Hehehehehe... buleh?? Anyway, based on my weight pagi tadi, my BMI should be 23.56 - which is normal!!! Yey!!! Seronok sebab i dah keluar range overweight :-)

And after the chk up, they explain all the result and recommend what we need to do (biasa la... healthy diet and senam).  They explain about the chk up in detail (tu yg banyak conteng2 kat kertas tu...heheheh).

Well... I guess, i dah improve dari the last time i check up (June last year... err... kecuali cholesterol part...naik sket). Hopefully, i dapat teruskan momentum ni and get into my ideal weight.

How about u? When was ur last health chk up?

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Time flies when u r having fun. Sedar tak sedar, it's been 3 years working and heading my unit. The Company decided that my time is up and i was transferred ke anak syarikat lain effective 1st April hari tu.

Saying goodbye was never easy. Especially when the people has become closer like a family. That was what i felt when i said my goodbye to my staff (or i always call them anak2 buah). Yes, it was a short 3 years, but we grew closer during those time. So far, they were the best unit i'd been in my total 12 years working in this company.

I would say they made my life easier. They are easy to deal with, they are passionate with their work and they are willing to let me lead them, they correct me when i was wrong and respect me as their leader. It was hard to say goodbye to them. I learn a lot from them, as a person and a leader.

On my last day, they did a farewell lunch. 'Cememeh' as i always am, i did cry a bit (but not in front of them of course...kena maintain my 'cool'ness.... hahahhaa).

 ok.... enough for being sappy nih... let me show u something that would cheer u (and me!) up ;-) I got these as a farewell present....

Seriously...I don't need any new handbeg dah...These could last me for 5 years without new handbeg! Hehehehhe...

Ohhh...i didn't mention that I got 3 handbegs as a farewell gift? Hehehehe... OK, yang kiri tu was the one yg anak2 buah ni bagi. Another 2 handbegs - were from my colleague. I selalu antar dorang ke airport bila dorang datang KL (my house on the way pun...). And they were the people i slalu refer and ask opinion if i need to (cause we managed sort of the same unit set up, but different region).

Even though I know that they don't know about me having this blog, I still like to thank them for the friendship and the good memories i had during my tenure there. Semoga Allah akan murahkan rezeki mereka semua, dan dikurniakan kejayaan dalam hidup dan kerjaya mereka...Amin....

Friday, April 11, 2014

10 worst diet tips ever

OK... rajin plak update blog minggu ni... keje melambak je... layan je la...

ni I dapat dari laman web MSN life & style. Ada 10 worst diet tips ever. Jom tengok amendanya....

  • 100 calories from fruits and 100 calories from a packet of crisps are not the same. While natural food is full of nutritious calories essential for a balanced diet, processed greasy food is only made up of so-called 'empty calories' that have no benefit and only make you gain weight. (yes...memang lagi elok amik makanan in natural form, instead of processed or canned food)

Yummeh breakfast!
  • Skipping breakfast so you can save those morning calories? You'll soon find that your early lunch and comfort dinner make up for more calories than the ones you could've had in the early hours. Not eating in the morning means you won't have much energy throughout the day and will lower your mood and motivation levels. (tips...ada baca somewhere bila kita breakfast makan telur, kurang sikit tahap kelaparan dan seterusnya kegilaan nak attack food ketika lunch. hehehehhe)

  • Avoiding all sorts of junk food and treats keeps you physically healthy, but only theoretically. When you live by the 'all or nothing' rule and get increasingly stressed over your cravings, the new stress will cause you to crave more. So stop the endless cycle by allowing yourself to have a treat every now and then. (Yes...we deserve a treat! So weekend tu, bleh la snacking once in awhile... tapi jgn overload plak! Bagi betis nak peha plak eh....sila beringat-ingat ya... - ni ingatan utk diri sendiri yg selalu terbabas diet masa weekend!)

  • According to the Harvard School of Public Health, it is not about the amount of carbohydrates you eat, but it's about the type. Refined carbs such as white bread and white rice do not have many nutrients, and often lead to weight gain if consumed in large amounts. Swap them for healthier carbs, such as brown rice or whole grain instead, as carbohydrates are an important source of slow energy (oh...I dah tukar pakai brown rice :-) even roti pon beli yg wholemeal)

  • Throwing all your daily fruits and vegetables into a mixed juice is a practical way of sipping on those vitamins and good sugars. However, when only extracting the juice, we lose the important fibres of the ingredients, which exist in the pulp and the skin. Make it into a thick smoothie by adding them in, for the extra health benefit (errr... I x rajin juicing... bila nak rajin ni???)

  • Detox is one of the much-talked about crazes in the foodie world, but the truth is, our body has the greatest detox function of all - our digestive system, kidneys and liver. If you cut out alcohol and cut down on eating undesirable foods, then you shouldn’t need to detox at all. (well... I rasa puasa is the best detox. clear rasa perut, and Alhamdulillah Nampak semakin baik in terms of 'morning business' bila dah puasa for a few days)

How much is too much??
  • Going for the sugar-free item may make us feel better about our choice, but be aware that artificial sweeteners are just as bad – if not worse than normal sugars. Researchers suggest a 67 percent increased risk of Type 2 diabetes for people who drink sugar-free soft drinks in comparison to their non-drinking counterparts. Go for fresh natural juices instead whenever you can – or even better - water. (Yupp!!! minum air putih je...jimat kos and pilihan yg lebih sihat)

  • There are two types of fat: the good and the bad. Avocados, nuts and fatty fish such as salmon contain the healthy fat that protects our heart from diseases. On the contrary, unhealthy fats that are in greasy foods can lead to weight gain and cardiovascular problems. Do not cut out all types of fat, because the good ones are essential in our normal diet (errr... kena tgk lemak baik ke lemak jahat dulu ni baru decide nak makan ke tanak makan)

  • There are all sorts of supplements around, but which ones are worth taking? In short, vitamins will never be as good as the nutrients in actual foods, therefore it is wrong to think that by popping pills you are healthy enough not to eat vitamin-enriched food. There are a few exceptions to this rule though - folic acid and vitamin D are worth taking in capsule form, as the body needs extra help producing these. (Huwaaa....I selalu x consistent in taking folic asid... nak kena babap ni!)

  • There is nothing wrong with nibbling at some snacks throughout the day - in fact, it keeps your hunger in control and prevents you from overeating on meal times. What matters is the nutritional choice and portion size. Ditch the crisps and ice creams, and reach out for fruits, nuts, and yoghurt instead. (choose a healthier snacks! celery stick is good. low calories, but taking a lot of energy to process).

So... there u go... a little tips to guide u in your diet. Jangan biarkan perut kosong dan tak makan (unless u puasa la kan...). Coz nanti our brain would think we are in starving mode, so our metabolism is reduced to save energy. Reduced metabolism = low calories burn = lelemaks berkumpul.

Nak kurus dgn sihat? Jawapannya makan makanan yg sihat dalam portion yang betul
Till then.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Air Oh Air

Tengahari tadi, my staff mintak izin nak kluar opis after lunch hour (we had a meeting until 2.30 pm), nak pi beli tong air. Katanya, kawasan umah dia dah start catuan air. Sebelum ni tak kena (i seriously x ingat dia tinggal kat mana... I'm bad at remembering people's personal detail. Lagipon baru hari yang ke 8 i kat opis baru ni...will talk about this later).

I thought issue air ni dah semakin pulih  coz kat tempat keje i hari2 hujan (nampak sangat i tak tengok berita ;-P and lagipun i x tinggal di selangor/KL/Putrajaya, so x kena catuan air). Rupanya, belum pulih sepenuhnya. Hari ni (9/4), SYABAS ada issue new press release, yang mengatakan bekalan air masih dicatu sehingga dapat diberitahu kelak.

susah kan x de air... ihsan google

Tak de letrik, bleh survive lagi...tak de air.... susahnya... tetiba teringat zaman2 krisis air tahun 1998 (ke 97??? dah tua!!!). I tengah matrik di lembah pantai waktu tu. Mana ada tong yang besar nak tadah air. Paling2 pun, baldi biasa je... Memang setiap hari, kitorang kena tunggu lori tangki yang membawa bekalan air datang. Beratur la kami ramai2 tunggu turn amik air. Lepas tu, satu hal pulak nak hangkut baldi tu ke tingkat 3. Kalau nasib baik, lif ok. kalo tak.... nangis la hangkut baldi naik tangga.... tapi better than those yg tinggal kat tingkat 7. Mau demam hangkut air.

I rasa lori tangki datang sehari sekali je kot... coz I can't remember beratur pagi2 pi amik air... I ingat petang je i pi... (ke sebab liat bangun pagi waktu tu?? ;-P) Imagine...Air sebaldi untuk kegunaan seharian. Kalo dah abis waktu pagi, sila la x mandi sampai petang esoknya. Nak amik wudhu, memang kami pakai botol mineral. nak minum pon jadi berpada-pada, so that tak kerap sgt pi toilet. Nak mandi, kena ada teknik tertentu so that air tu x abis banyak (segayung utk sabun, segayung utk bilas. maksimum 3 gayung sekali mandi (ahahahah... hebat tak hebat??). Bukan apa... kena simpan air utk emergency. Time2 gini, memang berdoa jangan la sakit perut memulas... And masa ni, sebab air pon bleh buat gaduh tau... ye la...penat2 hangkut air, ada plak musibat yg sebat air kita... mana tak hangin kan... huhuhuhuhu....Memang kenangan betul...

Cuma nak peringatkan... pada peniaga/pembekal yg sesuka hati naikkan harga tong air, ingat ye...kat dunia ni memang untung banyak... kat akhirat nanti, jawab la ye... Pada i tu dah kira menzalimi dan aniaya org yg dalam kesusahan... Jangan la letak harga mahal sangat . Lagi baik maintain je price sebelum ni... ringankan beban org dlm kesusahan kan pahala :-)

And pada yg mengalami catuan air, bersabar lah... i doakan supaya ia x berpanjangan... hujan pun nampak dah kerap turun... Semoga cepat la berlalu ujian ni...Amin.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Saya Bebas!

I bebas! Ahahahha....

Alhamdulillah... After 10 years of paying back my study loan, akhirnya dah abis hutang dibayar... Lega... Sangat lega sebab tanggungjawab membayar semula study loan ni dah diselesaikan.

Harap2 x de tuntutan dah dalam tempoh 6 bulan ni....
Urusan dgn Pejabat PTPTN sgt mudah dan cepat. I pi yg kat KL Central. Sekejap je... dah settle. Tapi system dia down, so dia e-mail je surat pelepasan ni kat I.

Pembayaran balik kepada PTPTN ni, I buat dgn cara mudah. I tolak dari gaji terus. Senang, income i dah net. Sometimes, bayar gak pakai online payment. Actually ada banyak channel payment PTPTN ni... u all bleh refer kat website dia.

Pada sesapa yg belum selesai tu, bayar je la sikit-sikit... janji bayar, dari x bayar langsung. Pejam celik, pejam celik, abis dah bayar loan tu. Jangan sampai kena blacklist sudah... heheheh...

Till then :-)

Monday, April 07, 2014

Scam Ambank

U all pernah tak dengar or kena scam ni? Alhamdulillah, so far I tak pernah kena scam ni (Nauzubillahi min zalik!). But my cousin kena last week. Gone RM 1.8K duit gaji dia.... kesian...

ihsan google - Pls be alert and extra careful with scams

Macammana scam ni dilakukan? Yang cousin i kena tu, dia got phone call from a person yang so called 'pekerja Ambank'. Dia kata nak minta my cousin confirmkan transaksi duit keluar dari akaun dia. Bila my cousin dah gelabah, dia persuade my cousin ni untuk call 'Bank Negara' dan berikan nombor telefon the so called 'Bank Negara' tu. (FYI, nombor yg diberi ialah 03-27884662. Kalau u google nombor ni, memang banyak entry pasal nombor ni nombor tipu. Ramai rupanya yang dah terkena).

Bila my cousin buat panggilan telefon pada so called 'bank negara' tu, memang keluar menu panggilan yg nampak macam bank negara. Siap suruh tekan 1 untuk bahasa melayu etc. Actually nombor yg diberi oleh so called 'staff Ambank' tu bukan lah nombor bank negara yang sebenar. Ini adalah scam dorang, utk meyakinkan pengguna yg mereka ni bank negara. Bila dah dapat bercakap dengan so called 'pegawai bank negara', 'pegawai' tu beritahu yang akaun my cousin tu mungkin akan lesap semua duit dalam tu. So dia minta my cousin transfer ke akaun lain yang 'bank negara' tu buat supaya duit tak lesap. Ramai yang tertipu dan transfer masuk ke akaun tipu ni. And bila masuk je....duit tu akan gone di ambik oleh sindiket penipuan ni.

I think ramai yg dah tau cerita scam macam ni... But there is more than that... Last week masa cousin i tu kena, adik i jadik Sherlock Holmes and traced back akaun tu untuk carik sapa owner of the account. From resources dia tu, she got the phone number of the account owner (untuk mudah cerita, let us call this account owner ni A).

Bila tengok kat profile wassap, nampak muka si A ni macam masih budak and muda lagi. Around late teen and early twenties. Adik i call la number si A tu and menyamar jadik agensi pelancongan and kata tengah buat promotion untuk travelling agensi dengan memberi baucer percutian percuma. So kalau A nak voucher ni, berikan alamat surat menyurat supaya dapat diposkan voucher ni. Without hesitation, A gave her address. (Scam alert: Don't ever give your personal detail to anybody! You tak tau apa dia nak buat dgn your details tu...).

Once dah dapat address, adik i passed the info to cousin of my cousin (let us call him B). So B ni pun pi ke alamat tu and jumpa dengan budak ni. Rupa-rupanya, budak A ni kata dia tak tau apa2... Dia cuma apply keje yang disiarkan di ruangan iklan surat khabar. Katanya kerja tu offer gaji RM 2K. Bila pegi interview, A dioffer untuk jadi scammers ni punya business partner. A tak perlu keje apa2, cuma bukak 7 akaun di 7 bank yang berbeza untuk urusan perniagaan, dan duit akan dimasukkan ke akaun A setiap hujung bulan. Dan semua kad ATM, kena bagi scammers ni pegang.

Masa jumpa A tu, dia baru buka akaun tu dalam masa seminggu gitu. Being a budak2, and memang dia duk kat kawasan luar bandar, A percaya la dakyah scammers ni. So dia bukak 7 akaun bank dan semua kad ATM diserahkan pada scammers ni.(Scam alert: pls use common sense... apasal lak kena bukak akaun sampai 7 and kena bagi kad ATM kat org lain. It's a big NO and weird!). And bila A pegi update buku penyata tu, semua duit telah dikeluarkan pada hari yang sama duit tu masuk.

So B pon bawak la A ke balai polis yang berdekatan untuk buat report. And perkara tu diserahkan kepada pihak polis. Now i x tau la apa cer yg seterusnya. But seing that this scam has been around for quite some time, perhaps masih x dapat tangkap lagi la the mastermind of this scam. Kalau ikutkan, A patut kena tahan kat lokap. Tapi since ahli keluarga A datang merayu kat polis2 tu, and since budak tu pon nampak benar2 x tau pasal scam ni, so polis lepaskan dengan jaminan polis.

Kesian gak kat budak tu sebenarnya... but itu lah...takkan x terpikir langsung kepelikan yang dia alami berkaitan dgn operasi pekerjaan/perniagaan masa dia apply keje tu. Skang ni, mana ada benda yang kita boleh dapat dgn sgt mudah. 'Too good to be true' kadang2 tu is equivalent to 'Be careful, there must be something weird happening'.

So, be careful everyone... Even nak mintak keje kat iklan yang disiarkan di suratkhabar pon, kena be careful dgn scammers2 ni... Macam2 plan dorang buat utk kaya dgn jalan mudah. Please nasihatkan adik2 kita tu supaya hati2 juga bila apply keje. Selain tu, kita mohon lah pada Allah, semoga kita semua dilindungi dari perancangan jahat manusia...Amin...

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

1st April

Abang Dearest,

It's been...
9 years of happiness,
9 years of togetherness,
9 years of laughter,
9 years of making dreams come true,
9 years of sharing,
9 years of loving,
9 years of trust,
9 beautiful years....

Happy 9th Anniversary. I luv you with all my heart. 

90 Days Challenge 2014: Part 1 - The Result

Hello readers... Today is the last day of 90 days challenge - Part 1.

Tanpa membuang masa, let's see the verdict:

catatan paling rendah dalam sejarah 90 days challenge i...

Yes... macam result kat atas, these 3 months adalah catatan paling rendah i pernah catat. Penurunan yang tak sampai sekilo. Berat badan i memang sangat yo-yo. Sat naik sat turun, pastu naik balik, then turun balik. Berkemungkinan besar akibat dari 'tidak consistent' dalam usaha menurunkan berat badan. I akui in January memang x bersungguh. In february, i was recovering from kepenatan dan x sihat. So bulan 3 baru nak start enjin. Namun begitu, physically i can see the changes in my body (i.e kurang sket inches...)

So, way forward... memandangkan berat i semakin susah nak turun, and dok di tahap tu juga, makanya i perlukan lebih banyak aktiviti strength yang menguatkan core badan, disamping aktiviti cardio. Kena lebih berdisiplin menjaga makan. And kena istiqamah. Hopefully I really can do it.

So, as usual...for those yg join this challenge, come and share your progress ya... pls leave the link to ur blog in the comment. Good Luck! :-)

And do check out the progress of our frens yg joi8n this challenge:

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