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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan...

Ahlan wa sahlan Ya Ramadhan...

Ya Allah, Semoga Ramadhan tahun ini lebih baik dari Ramadhan ku yang terdahulu. Kurniakan lah aku kekuatan untuk meningkatkan ibadahku kepada Mu. Kurniakanlah aku kesabaran, untuk menghadapi ujian Mu. Jadikanlah aku hamba Mu yang bersyukur... Amin.

Something to share...

With the month of Ramadan upon us it is useful to look at ways of trying to maintain a healthy diet whilst fasting. Fasting for 12 to 24 hours or more can lead to dizziness and fatigue and a lowering of metabolic rate as a means of conserving calories or energy. Here are some simple guidelines to make sure that your diet remains balanced and healthy during this fasting period:
Don't skip breakfast (Suhoor)
Even though sleep may seem far more appealing than waking up to force down some food, don't skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Research has shown that breakfast provides the essential energy and nutrients needed for concentration, while keeping hunger symptoms like headaches, fatigue, drowsiness and restlessness at bay. In addition, it speeds our metabolic rates. It is therefore vital to ensure an adequate intake at breakfast time.

Eat a wide variety of foods
When your daily intake is limited to two meals per day, you need to put extra effort into including foods from all the food groups. Our bodies need at least 40 different nutrients daily, to ensure that we grow properly and maintain good health. Although most foods contain more than one nutrient, no single food provides all the necessary nutrients. Moreover, foods have benefits that can't be replicated by a pill. So it is important to eat a wide variety of foods every day, to ensure that we get all of these nutrients. Select foods each day from each of the five food groups:
· Breads, cereals and other grain products
· Fruit and vegetables
· Meat, fish and poultry
· Milk, cheese and yoghurt
· Fats and sugars (these are low in nutrients & high in calories, so limit intake!)

Eat low glycaemic (GI) foods at breakfast to help control blood sugar levels
Carbohydrates are classified according to their glucose response or glyceamic index (GI). The GI measures how fast the carbohydrate of a particular food is converted to glucose and enters the bloodstream. The lower the GI, the slower the food is converted to sugar and the longer it satisfies your hunger. Selecting low GI foods helps maintain normal blood sugar, minimises hunger pangs & satisfies appetite without providing excess calories. Also, by controlling blood sugar levels, you prevent excessive eating binges as a result of low blood sugar levels. Remember to include low GI foods at each meal, and to avoid eating high GI foods on their own, but rather to mix them with low GI foods, which will give an intermediate GI overall.

Be aware of your cooking methods
By making small changes in your cooking habits, you can create great-tasting foods that are also healthy for you. Many of those treasured family-favourite recipes have a very high fat content for today's health-conscious living. Don't give up on your favourites – just convert them! Here's how:
· Always trim off excess fat from before cooking, or use venison, chicken and soya as lower fat options. Remove poultry skin & choose light meat (eg. breast).
· Cut down on fat intake during cooking:
- cook onions in a little water or vegetable stock rather than oil or butter
- use non-stick frying pans & non-stick sprays rather than oil or margarine
- bake, grill or roast foods rather than frying
- cook roasted meat or poultry on a wire rack so that the fat can drip off
- Steam or boil vegetables
- when preparing rice, noodles & other grains, season with herbs, spices & broths rather than added fat
- prepare soups, gravies & sauces in advance, so that they can be refrigerated, allowing you to remove the layer of fat that forms on top.
- Use herbs and spices to add flavour & zest to low-fat cooking. Basil, bay leaf, oregano, & rosemary add distinctive flavours & colours to meat & vegetables. Spices, like cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg enhance the sweet taste of foods, & seasoning blends, such as chilli powder, curry powder provide a complex array of flavours
· Avoid taking in too much salt
- Use garlic, dry mustard, pepper, onions, mushrooms & tomatoes to add flavour to meat and vegetables
- Add sliced lemon or lemon juice to white meats & fish
· Make healthy changes to recipes
Cut the fat in half - if a recipe requires cream or whole milk, use evaporated or fresh skim milk. If a recipe requires a whole egg, use two egg whites, etc.

Eat enough carbohydrate foods - especially those rich in fibre
These foods provide the body with energy. They are rich in B vitamins, and are an excellent source of fibre. Hi-fibre foods also fill you up more than low-fibre counterparts. Foods high in fibre include brown rice, wholegrains, fresh fruit and raw veggies.

Remember your fruits and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables add colour and variety to the menu. They are "protective" foods as they help the body fight off sickness and disease. They are also rich sources of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, and are low in calories.

Drink sufficient fluid
Always include water in your diet, and cut down on caffeine-containing beverages. Caffeine is a diuretic and will not provide adequate hydration.
We all know that maintaining a balanced diet by eating healthily has a vital influence on your well being. Try following the above principles so that this fast period does not sway too much from the principles of good nutrition.


P/s: Semoga berjaya dalam misi menurunkan berat badan nih... Amin! Heheheh :-)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sky Bridge

It's been 9 years since I've been working. And within that 9 years, I've been to KLCC for  a lot of times. But I have never, even once, cross over the sky bridge. Today, I did :-)

View of doors to Tower 1

Seronok sangat...luckily a friend of mine has acces to the sky bridge. So i took the opportunity to cross the bridge when I had a meeting at Tower 1 yesterday.

View of Tower 2 doors over my shoulder... That orange thing is my pebret shawl :-)
That is Tower 1 at the right side of the Bridge

And the best pic of all...

Beautiful isn't it? Pic showing KLCC Park from sky Bridge...

This experience kept me thinking... How Great Allah is, giving humans brains that make it possible to achive such feat as building this twin towers, with a bridge that make it possible to cross over the building at level 42 (I don't know how meters above sea it is).

Anyway, do enjoy this trivia. It is so informative :-)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bersyukurkah kita?

Ramai yang menghitung kekurangan diri, tapi kurang yang menghitung kelebihan sendiri...

Today our department had a visit to Rumah Perlindungan Rahoma @ Taman Melati. The objective of the visit is to hand over our donation (personal donation from staff - cash+ used clothes & used books that still in good condition) for the kids. In conjunction with Ramadhan that is fast approaching, we hope our donation and visit would bring some cheer to the kids.

There is around 30 kids that is sponsored by this charity house. All of them are kids who are less fortunate (fakir) and had lost either parent. They seems cheerfull though. I can see how happy they were with our visit. The program started with speech from Datuk Faridah, the president of ths charity house.

I really salute this lady & other volunteers of non profit organisation. They do a great work and we should support them, don't u think?

We were also entertained by the kids who sang a few Nasyid for us. I managed to take video one of the Nasyid.

Then we had a sesi 'ramah mesra' and 'makan-makan' with the kids. It was an eye-opening experience. I can barely held my tears when i look at this kids (being dramaqueen and oversensitive me...huhuhuuh) . Kesian kat diorang....kecik-kecik dah hidup susah... Tapikan, eventhough they are less fortunate but they feel happy and blessed. That got me to question myself, am I grateful enough for what I have today? Did I feel blessed with what I am today?

Ya Allah, let us be your humble and grateful servant! Do not let us astray from your path, and let us be among your pious man...Amin.

p/s: Balik tu jalan jam gila... 18 kilometres jammed....almost 3 hours stuck at MRR2 exit to Seremban because all those 'kaki bola' memenuhkan stadium ari ni... ades....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She...Hope... Wish...

For those who are TTCing, missed AF would be the biggest headache. Especially when all the preggy- like- symptom are experienced by them. She started to quizzes herself ' this PMS or preggy symptom?' She would overanalysed her body for any changes she felt; 'Oooo... i think i feel a little bit nausea today...or ooo... i feel dizzy today.... '

In addition to that she started to research the internet to look up on articles that explains the early pregnancy symptom, the PMS and the difference between the two, just to refresh her memories on the subject eventhough she has read it more than 33 times for the past 6 years. She would again analyse the symptom that she felt and try to determine whether it is pregnancy symptom or just  a PMS.

I am 'she'.What a pathetic me :-P hehehhehe...

Anyway... just hope for the best and for AF to starts showing up (if not otherwise...Amin). Whatever for me, I'll leave to to Allah as He Knows Best!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Alhamdulillah, nothing serious. Just false alarm. Please ya Allah, I don't want to go through that feeling again. Feeling of helpless and worries of what might be.

let's live a healthy life ok! Lepas ni kena bersenam... huhuhu....

Ya Allah, Grant us good health so that we can continue being your servant. Amin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Berbahagialah sekiranya anda sakit...

Found this posting while blogwalking... source from here

Pernah sakit?
Apa yang Anda rasakan?
Senang, gembira, sedih, jengkel, atau…?

Tahukah temen-teman, bahwa sakit yang menimpa kita, penderitaan yang kita alami, kesempitan yang kita rasakan, kesulitan yang menggelisahkan, … ; merupakan kenikmatan dan anugerah yang diberikan Allah kepada kita?
Yang kenikmatan ini tidak diberikan kepada setiap orang dan setiap saat….
Bagaimana mungkin? Nggak masuk akal ya?
Jangan keburu percaya, jangan tergesa-gesa mempercayai sesuatu sebelum Anda memperoleh penjelasan mengenai hal tersebut!
Simak dulu tulisan berikut:

Ketika sakit menghampiri kita, ada dua hal yang mesti kita ingat:

1.Bahawa sakit yang kita alami ini datang dari Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala ”Tiada sesuatu pun bencana pun yang menimpa di bumi dan (tidak pula) pada dirimu sendiri melainkan telah tertulis dalam kitab (Lauhul Mahfuzh) sebelum Kami menciptakannya. Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu adalah mudah bagi Allah. (Kami jelaskan yang demikian itu) supaya kamu jangan berduka cita terhadap apa yang luput dari kamu, dan supaya kamu jangan terlalu bergembira terhadap apa yang diberikanNya kepadamu. Dan Allah tidak menyukai setiap orang yang sombong lagi menyombongkan diri.” (Al-Hadid:22-23)

2.Bahawa sakit itu baik bagi kita.
Di balik sakit yang kita alami, terdapat hikmah dan faedah yang besar, yang itu baik dan bermanfaat untuk kita. Tentunya apabila ketika sakit itu datang kita hadapi dengan kesabaran. Diantara hikmah dan faedahnya adalah:

-Diampuni dosa dan kesalahan
”Setiap musibah yang menimpa mukmin, rasa lelah, penyakit, rasa sedih, sampai kekalutan hati, pasti Allah menjadikannya pengampun dosa-dosanya.” (HR. Bukhari-Muslim)

-Ditinggikan darjatnya
”Tidaklah seorang mukmin tertusuk duri atau yang lebih kecil dari duri, melainkan ditetapkan baginya satu darjat dan dihapuskan darinya satu kesalahan.” (Diriwayatkan Muslim)

-Pembuka jalan ke Syurga
”Allah Subhanahu berfirman: ‘Hai anak Adam, jika engkau sabar dan mencari keredhaan pada saat musibah yang pertama, maka Aku tidak meredhai pahala bagimu selain surga.”’ (Ditakhrij Ibnu Majah; Menurut Syaikh Al-Albany: hadits hasan)
Wahai Saudaraku, bukankah sakit merupakan bahagian dari musibah?

-Keselamatan dari api neraka
Dari Abu Hurairah Radhiallahu ‘Anhu, dari Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam, bahwa beliau menjenguk seseorang yang sedang sakit demam, yang disertai Abu Hurairah. lalu beliau bersabda (yang artinya):
”Bergembiralah, karena Allah Azza wa Jalla berfirman, ‘Inilah neraka-Ku. Aku menganjurkannya menimpa hamba-Ku yang mukmin di dunia, agar dia jauh dari neraka pada hari akhirat.” (Ditakhrij Ahmad, Ibnu Majah, dan AL-Hakim. Menurut Syaikh Albani: isnadnya shahih)

-Menjadikan kita ingat kepada Allah dan kembali kepada-Nya
Biasanya ketika seseorang dalam keadaan sihat walafiat, suka tenggelam dalam kenikmatan dan syahwat. Menyibukkan diri dalam urusan dunia dan melalaikan Allah, yang tidak jarang terjerumus dalam kemaksiatan dan kederhakaan kepada Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Ketika Allah mencubanya dengan sakit atau musibah lain, dia akan ingat kepada Allah, bertaubat, dan kembali memenuhi hak-hak Allah yang telah dia tinggalkan.

Jadi setiap sakit tu ada nikmatnya."Berbahagialah kepada anda yang sedang sakit.."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ramadhan al-Mubarak

In +- 2 weeks we'll be welcoming the best month of all... Ramadhan al-Mubarak... Bulan yang penuh keberkatan, bulan yang penuh Rahmat. Alhamdulillah, poser dah abis ganti. But AF has yet to come n visit... Harap2 x miss la the first week of Ramadhan.

Anyway, let's make an 'azam' semoga Ramadhan tahun ini lebih baik dari tahun lepas, let's work hard to improve ourselves and our ibadah, let's try to be the best that we can be as a muslim/muslimah.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A web to share

I luv this web. I'm sharing it with you... Hopefully it would remind us again on the Sirah Rasulullah...

Click here to view the web.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Every Cloud has a silver lining...

It is easy to take a step back than moving forward...

It is easy to just give up than work it harder...

It is easy to just fall back than to climb up...

It is easy to just curled up and stay down than to soar up and fly...

Yes... it is so much easier...

But I believe that Allah has a brilliant plan for me...

And He Knows what is best for me...

And I know... that every cloud has a silver lining.

p/s: tetiba rasa nak tulis ni... penat. Just got back from Ipoh n tomorrow am working as usual (sigh....)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Show

Early morning, get off to KLIA at 6.45 to catch up flight at 8 am. Arrived at KLIA around 7.15 am - I'm already late for self check in. Proceed to counter for check in - nasib baik sempat. Then brisk walking (very brisk...almost into running) to my departure gate. Again, I'm lucky they just on board the plane.

The journey was ok. It was cloudy and a bit rainy at Alor Setar. This is my first time sampai kat LTSAH. Look like new building and quite similar in design with Airport @ KT. Sampai jer sana, again, brisk walking to taxi counter to find a taxi to Sg Petani. Arrived at SP around 10.15 am. My session was scheduled on 11 am. So sempat la nak bernapas skek.
Sempat minum air sikit before start presentation

As mentioned before, I hate public speaking. However, this time around I was not as nervous as previous presentation at Central Region. Alhamdulillah, all went well and the audiences were also kind with their question. Tak de la soklan2 yang nak membunuh.

Finished my presentation and all the Q&A around 12.45pm. Hop on taxi and headed back to Alor Setar for flight to KLIA on 3.20pm. Lepas check in, lapar la pulak coz memang x sempat breakfast coz terkejar-kejar since morning.
My lunch - beehon Sup n milo ice
Bila rasa beehon tu, teringat la pulak bihun sup utara mama... hmmm... mama punya lagik sedap! Lepas lunch, solat and masuk to gate 1 for departure to KLIA.
sempat snap gambor from my seat before I switch off my hp.
Arrived at KLIA around 4.45 pm. Then sampai kat parking x jumpa plak tempat parking kereta. Alamak! Memang pagi tadik masa nak pi departure hall x tengok kiri kanan for landmark. Just jalan jer n ikut signboard pi departure hall. I did wrote my parking place kat hp. Tapi sign yang ada is block C, not as what I wrote - B. After 10 minutes dok pusing2, at last pegi jugak la ke block C ni. Rerupanya betul la kat block C. I wrongly wrote in my hp as B-C-2 instead of C-B-2. Huhuuhu...cuak dah...nasib baik jumpa.

Alhamdulillah sampai umah dalam pkol 5.30 gitu.. Penat la jugak travel balik hari ni. Nasib baik naik flight. Kalo kena drive, mau pengsan tido malam ni.

Next road show @ Ipoh. Hopefully it'll be as smooth as today's presentation.

Friday, July 08, 2011


From the news this morning, there would be several road closure due to this Bersih thingy. For the past few days, police pun dah buat road block to enter into PLUS highway nearby my house. The first day road block tu, memang jam gila... but I managed to arrived at my office in time. The next day, agaknya semua dah expect ada road cblock so they went out to office earlier... so x banyak la sangat kereta, even jalan pun x jam macam selalu.

Today, a few times helicopter dok berlegar-legar di kawasan dataran merdeka (and lalu kat sebelah tingkap opis saya). My staff said, FRU dah ada kat Dataran Merdeka. And the best thing about Bersih thingy ni, we got emails from our HR saying that we can go back home at 4 pm today due to road closure... yey! Hari ni balik awal...

Other than that, I don't see any other positive thing that could come out resulting of this 'demo'. I don't know... this is just my opinion.

Anyway, have fun this weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Penat skek... this week I have a lot to do. Next week will be 'on the road' for our road show at northern region. Hopefully semua berjalan lancar.

Question: korang dah abis ganti poser ke?

Pada sesapa yang belum (termasuk peringatan kepada diri sendiri) sila la ganti cecepat yer... tinggal 3 minggu +- jer lagik nak poser...

Cepat betul masa berlalu...

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Macaroon - Part 2

As I wrote previously, I have a meeting scheduled at KLCC yesterday. So, around 2.30 pm me and my staff went off our office to KLCC by car. We stuck at Jalan Tun Razak for around 45 minutes. We were a bit shocked coz around that time the traffic should be cleared. But it was jammed from TUDM until susur masuk jalan kuda (menghala parking KLCC).

And I thought; okey...dah nak sampai KLCC. Elok jer sampai kat traffic light nak masuk KLCC parking, alahai... there was a sign 'Parking Full' at the entrance. Adeh... have to find other parking area. So we try parking at Taman KLCC area. Pun full jugak. In fact, berderet kereta beratur tunggu nak masuk (dah penuh parking, sanggup lagi diorang tunggu) causing traffic jam along the road. So, we proceed to the other side of KLCC (belah mandarin hotel) to find parking. Pun tak de... even kat mandarin hotel pun tak de... area KLCC convention pun tak ada... all parking full.

Aih... takkan sumer parking penuh kot? Apsal ramai sangat orang pi KLCC petang-petang Jumaat ni? Ada special event ke? Selama ni ada meeting kat KLCC ada jer parking kat KLCC parking tu... rupa-rupanya we was told that all parking near KLCC was closed untuk mengelakkan penunjuk perasaan berkaitan 'BERSIH' buat perhimpunan after solat jumaat at Masjid KLCC. Adeh...

I'm a neutral here... I'm neither for nor against this Bersih thingy. But when it caused disturbance and kind of menyusahkan orang lain... bak kata Nabil - Lu pikir la sendiri. I wasted 2 hours stuck in jammed and to find parking. On top of that, I missed my meeting (luckily bukan meeting that is chaired by my Boss or my big big boss). Nevertheless, it was an important meeting to co-ordinate our road show next week. Tu belum kira duit minyak kereta and berbakul @*#& yang keluar from my mouth (huhuhuhuhu...hangin satu badan dibuatnya).

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is; when we do something, please la jangan sampai menyusahkan orang lain. Perhaps there is other way to do things...a better way. Try do that instead of menyusahkan orang lain yang tak berkenaan ni...

And because of that... tak kesampaian la hajatku nak beli Macaroon at Harrods. Huhuhuhuhu.....