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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm sharing something that I got from my mailbox.

In The Name Of Allah, The All-Hearer, The All-Knowing, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Assalamualaikum my dear Muslim brothers and sisters.

Nowadays the world is talking about the movie made by Geert Wilders, entitled FITNA. I'm sure by now all of you, or at least majority of you have heard about this movie. It portrays Islam as the religion of terrorist, quoting wrongly from the Holy Quran. It may not work on us, however, I'm sure those who don't know or understanding the stance of Islam in the matter of war and killing, could easily be mislead and misunderstood. The Muslims hold on to the Holy Quran more than their lives, thus an argument that comes from the Holy Quran itself could be very confusing for some, even if they know the truth and deny it wholeheartedly.

I see this as an obligation to me, as a student of Holy Quran and Deeds of the prophet (peace be upon him), to stand out and write this mail, as an oppose to the movie, and clear the confusion made by this enemy of Allah. I hope those who read this mail, not only Muslims, but also non-Muslims would understand well that Islam is not a religion that promotes killing.

In the movie, it constantly brings out the verses that ordered the Muslims to go out and spill the blood of the enemy of Allah. As they are the verses of the Holy Quran, they are, as true as any truth can be.

But I would like to say, even though the text is truly from Allah, the INTERPRETATION can always come from any mortal being, be it Muslim or not, therefore, subject to misunderstanding and misleading, as it is in the case of this movie.

This first should be understood well, before I continue this article. Remember, THE WORDS ARE INDEED THE WORDS OF ALLAH, BUT THE INTERPRETATION CAN COME AS THE TRUTH, OR EVEN NOT, FROM ANY MAN, BE IT MUSLIM OR NOT.

It is up for us, who possesses thinking skills and knowledge about the life of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) to sit back and differentiate which is the truth, and which is not.

Yes indeed, those verses talks about killing the non-believers. But do know, brothers and sisters, that Allah hates the starter of war. If you could see in details the battles and war that took place during the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), then you would see NONE of the battles were started by the Prophet (peace be upon him). If we may look at it one by one :-
1) The battle of Badar.
It was started when the Quraisy in Mekah invaded the Muslims' home, taking away their properties. The smashed down the Muslims' home, which some of them were still occupied by the Muslims' family. Do note then when the Muslims migrated from Mekah to Madinah, they didn't bring anything with them, except for the clothes they are wearing. Whether they were rich or poor, literally all of their properties were left in Mekah. These properties were being invaded by the Quraisy.

Even more, the Quraisy had started to form their army, and march towards Madinah, with the intention to eliminate the rising Muslim country. This started out the battle of Badar, which occured between about 300 Muslims against over 1000 Quraisy.
2) The battle of Uhud.
Took place after the battle of Badar. The Quraisy in Mekah re-assembled their army in order to seek vengeance against the Muslim, for their lost in Badar. Again, the Prophet (peace be upon him) assembled his army, in order to defend Madinah.
3) Bai'ah Ar-Radwan
This was the treaty between the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Muslims, to invade Mekah.

Why? Could this time the Prophet (peace be upon him) was the one who started out the war? Again, the answer is no.

Originally the Muslims came down from Madinah, marching towards Mekah in order to perform Hajj in Mekah. They came in peace, with their swords neatly kept in its container, indicating peace during that time. This symbolizes that the Muslims came merely to perform hajj, and the swords were only for protection. During that time, walking around with swords wasn't a strange thing.

When they arrived halfway on their journey, the Prophet (peace be upon him) sent Uthman ibn Affan r.a to negotiate with the Quraisy. However, Uthman didn't come back, far from the period they agreed to wait. And so, the Prophet (peace be upon him) assumed that he was killed. A messenger was killed, where messengers in that time SHOULD NOT be killed. Its a common rule, even in the movie 300 this rules remained clear.

However, not long after the Muslims gave their pledge to be and support the Prophet (peace be upon him) Uthman ra did came back. The Quraisy, not long after, sent their messenger to the Prophet (peace be upon him) to make a peace agreement. The content of that agreement was :-
any man from Mekah that migrate to Madinah in order to embrace Islam, and follow the Prophet (peace be upon him) should be returned to Mekah.
any man from Madinah that migrate to Mekah, in order to join the Quraiys in Mekah, will NOT be returned to Madinah.
they will be 10 years of peace between Madinah and Mekah.
any remaining clans in Mekah, are free to either embrace Islam, or remain in their old religion, for NEITHER of them would be harm. Remember this fourth content well. We'll see it again later.

As you can see, the content is single sided, especially the first two criteria. Take note that this time the strength of the Muslim army lead by the Prophet (peace be upon him) were extremely strong. It was not a problem if the Prophet (peace be upon him) wishes to invade and conquer Mekah, for they were so strong in terms of strength and number.

BUT THE PROPHET TOOK THE DEAL, and they returned peacefully to Madinah.

This clearly shows that Islam does prefer peace over war, given the condition that there is an opportunity for peace, even if it wasn't much.
4) The battle of Khandak
Took place after the battle of Uhud. Again the Quraisy assembles their army and marched north towards Madinah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) had ordered the Muslimin to build a waterway at the entrance of Madinah, thus blocked Quraisy's army from entering Mekah.
5) The battle of Fath (opening of Mekah city)
Remember the peace treaty made between the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the people of Quraisy in Mekah? If we may look at it, the third content of the treaty is that "any remaining clans in Mekah are free to embrace Islam, or remain in their old religion, and neither of them will be harmed". One of the clan that stayed in their old pagan religion, vis-à-vis from the Quraisy's block, had broken the treaty and slayed one of the clan in Mekah that had embraced Islam. How clear can we see hear, how indeed the Quraisy was the one who started this war.

And so, the Prophet (peace be upon him) called upon all the people that had embraced Islam for the past few years since bai'ah ar-Ridwan, which was about 10,000 people, and marched towards Mekah.

The question is, did they literally attacked Mekah, and killed all the people of Mekah, which majority of them was the non-believers - in fact, their enemies - without mercy, spill their blood until none of them remained alive? Did this kind of savage war ever happen in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as what is being potrayed by Wilders in his movie?

Before we answer the questions above, let us remember what the people of Mekah had done to the Muslim during the early stage of Islam. Among them :-
Bilal bin Rabah was put directly under the hot sun of Mekah, laying on the burning sand with nothing but his pants. Moreover, the Quraisy put a large rock upon his chest, forcing him to come back to the old pagan religion of Arab.
Uthman bin Affan was forced to inhale smoke, right in front of his nose.
the family of Yasir was beaten savagely, tied and put under the sun for days. Ammar bin Yasir witnessed his own mother's death with his own eyes, where his mother was impaled with an impaler till death.
All of the Muslim, including the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself was socially isolated, and deprived from any source of food, until all of them were forced to eat any plants the can find in its raw condition just to stay alive.
Different kinds of terrible torture were also used by the Quraisy, including burying the Muslim in the sand of Mekah until only their heads were above the sands. Some of their arm were also been literally pulled off their body while they were still alive.

Now, did the Prophet (peace be upon him) inflicted the same torture upon the Quraisy in Mekah? We should take a note that right now, the Muslim was the stronger side. They can easily do whatever they wish to upon the Quraisy.

But NO. The moment the Prophet (peace be upon him) entered the city of Mekah, he announced that whoever that stays in their places of worship will NEVER BE HARMED. Whoever stays in the Holy Mosque will NEVER BE HARMED. Whoever stays in the house of Abu Sufyan (the leader of Mekah) will NEVER BE HARMED. And so, not a SINGLE blood ever dropped to the Holy Land of Mekah that day. Instead, seeing how forgiven the Prophet (peace be upon him), the people of Mekah embraced Islam altogether that day, and that was the greatest victory of the Muslim, as what has been promised by Allah during the Bai'ah ar-Ridwan.

Furthermore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) forgave each an every people of Mekah that day.
6) The battle of Tabuk
The Prophet (peace be upon him) assembled his army and marched towards the battlefield. They stayed there for 20 days only to find that Rome's army didn't even came to face them, regardless that they possessed a far larger army than the Prophet's.
7) The battles against the Jews.
This may be the most crucial topic in this article. Jews, up until now, portrayed that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was the one who attacked them without any single reason. In this section, I will bring the three battles with the Jews, which again started by none other the Jews themselves.

Before that, please remember that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) arrived in Madinah, and formed the first Islamic country, he made a treaty, the first written treaty (I'm sure most of non-Muslims nowadays didn't even know about it) in the world. Among the content was:-
the Jews should be hand in hand with the Muslim in protecting their land, that is Madinah.
the Jews should never make an agreement in offending Madinah's government with the enemy of Muslims, that was the Quraisy in Mekah.
the Jews shall never harm any Muslim, so thus the Muslim shall never harm any Jews in Madinah.
no Jews nor their family nor their house, nor their planting ground, or their territory nor their places of worship shall ever be invade or harm by any kind of force under the Muslim government of Madinah.
all the non-Muslim, including the Jews, will be protected under the Muslim government of Madinah, so long as they respect and obey the rules of the Madinah treaty. They will also be given EQUAL RIGHTS as the Muslims.

After reading the above content, could anybody in this world dare to tell me that the Prophet (peace be upon him) oppressed the non-Muslim?

Now, we shall take a look at the three clans of Jews in Madinah that the Prophet (peace be upon him) battled with.
1) the battle of Bani Qainuqa'
A Muslim woman once went to a Jew shop, in order to buy some jewellery for herself. Seeing that she came from far, the Jews of Bani Qainuqa' plotted a plan. They deceive her by showing tones of jewellery, while one of them slipped back at the Muslim woman, and pinned her garment on her chair. When she stood up, her garment was torn off, exposing her aurah (private places). When Bani Qainuqa' saw how ashamed that poor woman, they laughed at her, clapping their hands. As most of the Jews teaching were also sent down by Allah through Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), they understand well that this act of tearing her cloth is an ultimate act of mocking her honour as well as her religion.

Near the shop where the unshameful act of the Bani Qainuqa' took place, a young Muslim man saw the whole incident. He spontaneously tried to get his hand in to help that poor woman. The Jews of Bani Qainuqa' stopped that man, moreover, slayed that Muslim man for trying to help the shamed woman.

This clearly had broken the treaty of Madinah formed earlier between them and the Muslim government of Madinah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) assembled his army and marched to the territory of Bani Qainuqa', judged and punished them accordingly to the treaty they had agreed upon.
2) The battle of Bani Nadir.
Not long after the battle of Badar, the Jews of Bani Nadir plotted an assassination plan for the Prophet (peace be upon him). The only problem is - as what has been uttered through their very tongue - "How can we kill Muhammad, when they are ten people around him that are ready to die defending him? Even if we kill all ten of them, surely they will be another ten that will come instantly around him".

One of them suggested that they set up a meeting with the Prophet's (peace be upon him) side, asking three of the Prophet's (peace be upon him) wisest men, including the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself. The Jews told them that they would like to held a religious discussion with the Prophet (peace be upon him), whereas they've hide a knife in their cloth, and ready to stab the Prophet (peace be upon him).

However, that plot came to the knowledge of one of a young man among the Jews of Bani Nadir themselves - that later embrace Islam - whom his sister was already a Muslim. He wrote a letter concerning that evil plot, and send it to his sister, and so her sister reported that to the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Again, the Jews had committed an act that contradicts the treaty of Madinah.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) marched his army to their territory. He did not, however, killed ANY SINGLE ONE of them, since the Jews of Bani Nadir had not killed any one of the Muslims. Their crime was breaking the treaty, not murder. Because of that, the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked them to leave the land of Madinah, as they are now a clear traitor to the country of Madinah. The Jews of Bani Nadir did leave Madinah and migrated to Khaibar, not far away from Madinah, but they burned down their houses and plantations, and leave not a single thing behind, for they were afraid if any Muslim would take benefits from their left out. Up until now we can see that this act had become a habit for the Jews, as what is happening in Palestin. When they attack a Muslim village, they'll destroy and burn down everything the eyes touch.
3) The battle of Bani Qurayzah.
Took place on the same day the battle of Khandak ended. Remember that in that battle, the Quraisy from Mekah was stopped by the great waterline built by the Muslims upon the entrance of Madinah.

Originally, the Quraisy of Mekah, which will attack from the south of Madinah, had made a deal with the Jews of Bani Qurayzah, which was residing in the north of Madinah, that the Jews will attack the Muslims from the north, thus creating a deadly trap for the Muslims. Jews, however, were nothing more than Jews. They themselves didn't comply to the deal they made with the Quraisy of Madinah on the day of Khandak.

This wasn't the only thing which the committed that wasn't in line with the treaty of Madinah. Earlier before the battle, they refused the call of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to be alongside with the Muslims in protecting the land of Madinah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) even offered them half of the dates of Madinah (which in other words will make them unimaginably rich) for them to participate in the battle. They had refused the call.

Right after the battle ended, the Prophet (peace be upon him) marched his army to the territory of Bani Qurayzah, and said, "O Bani Qurayzah! What shall I say to you?" They replied "We want Sa'ad bin Muadz to judge us!". Saad bin Muadz was the leader of Madinah before the Prophet (peace be upon him) migrated there. The Jews have a strong relationship with Sa'ad, thus, they hope that Sa'ad will help them in their judgement. They thought that if Sa'ad was the one who will judge them, Sa'ad will make the decision that will save them from death sentence for the crime they have committed. Sa'ad however judged them fairly, accordingly to the treaty, and charged them with double treason.

I remember watching Fitna, where they interviewed a little girl about Jews. The girl replied that Jews were the monkeys and pigs.

The family of monkeys and pigs? Is that true?

This is where the Jews are trying to make this statement as an accusation to them, something that they want us to look like we forged the story thus creating lies.

As the matter of fact, the Jews themselves KNOW that this story in fact did take place upon their ancestors. When they mock, lies and tell the people of Madinah false stories about the Prophet (peace be upon him) and accused him with falsehood (where in fact they knew the Prophet was indeed Allah's messenger. They refuse to accept it as the truth just because they expected that the last prophet should come from the Jews, just like when they rejected Isa alaihi salam for he wasn't a Jew since he miraculously born without a normal human interaction), Allah sent down these verses that revealed their shamed family history. Because of their mocking and lies against the Prophet (peace be upon him), Allah turned the table completely against them. When these verses were revealed, the Jews of Madinah walked in the streets with their hands covering their faces, an indication of how shameful it was for people to know their top-secret family history.

Therefore, I'm not surprised when Geert Wilders was also influenced by the Jews that are still trying hard, until our present time to conceal the story. It is quite strange, however, that Geert Wilders are helping the Jews, whereas he himself is a Catholic, the worshipper of Christ that they claimed murdered in the hands of non-other than the JEWS !!

I would like to take this opportunity, to share with fellow readers why Allah unquestionably hates the Jews. It is because of the crimes they've committed, and furthermore, deny all those crimes, and are still protecting themselves that they weren't the wrong side, until thousands of years since the death of Musa alaihi salam. Their crimes are the generational type i.e committed through out the generation, among them:-
They've taken a deity besides Allah where they worshipped a golden cattle made from gold by Samiri during the time of Musa alaihi salam. Allah had guided them to the truth, saved them from the Pharaoh that was up to put them into the list of extinction, sent down the Taurah as the light and guidance for them. Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) had left them for only 40 days, and the Jews already took the golden statue of a cattle as their God!
They've killed the prophets and messengers that Allah had sent to them, bringing the guidance along them. It was all because the Rules that were brought by those prophets and messengers were contradicting with their own forged-rules that suit their liking. They killed Zakaria alaihi salam, Yahya alaihi salam, and Ilias alaihi salam, tried to kill Isa alaihi salam, and plotted various assassination plan against Muhammad (peace be upon him) !
Allah had lifted them to be the best of people on earth during their time, but they took that honour only with further ignorance and modify the Rules of Allah whichever they wished to.
They tried to cheat on the Saturday, where Allah had prohibited them from hunting whales. Allah had ordered them to dedicate every Saturday for worshipping and remembrance of Allah. What they did was: they dig a large trap lagoon for the whales on Friday, and left it out for the whales to be trap on Saturday, and they killed and took those whales on Sunday. Obviously their cheat couldn't lie the All-Knowing!
When they arrived at the Promised Land, they were a barbaric clan who was living there. Instead of fighting for their Promised Land - with the help of Allah - they asked Prophet Musa and Harun alaihima salam to go by themselves and battle the clan, while they wait outside and will enter the land only after the two of them had won!
vi) When the time had come for them to enter the land, Allah commanded them to say prayer of forgiveness to Allah. Instead, they change the word 'prayer of forgiveness' to 'prayer of asking for wheat'!

These were the crimes that were committed by the Jews. They are more of them that had offended Allah Himself, and the Jews do know about them all, even until now.

To conclude, any single person who had the opportunity to know Islam the way it was describe in the Holy Quran and Deeds of the Prophet (peace be upon him) would never ever say that this is the religion of terrorists. Terrorists exist everywhere in this world, in various religions that we know. It is very unfair, however, if we put the blame on the religion itself.

Take Christianity for example. How many girls were stoned to death in the hands of the Church, especially during the middle age? How many of them were tied to an iron chain and tossed into the river, that gave birth to the infamous quote 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'? How many of them were burned ALIVE where they were tied to a wooden stick with the accusation of witchcraft? How many innocent lives had died in the name of Christianity? Ironically, even the Westerners - which majority of them are Christians - themselves call this age as the Dark Age!

Can we solely blame the religion itself i.e. Christianity in these matters? Could we say that Jesus had ordered them to commit all of these burning and slaying?

Furthermore, those who are seen as the enemy of Allah are only those who first opposed the Muslim, their ideologies and their lives, not those who live in respect for the Muslims, as much as we Muslims respect their rights to practice their religion. Geert Wilders portrayed that every non-believers should be killed. I am confident enough that some reflections of the life of the last prophet I shared here are more than enough to prove that Geert Wilders was completely wrong.

Lastly, I would like to share here a couple of verses from the Holy Quran, in explaining its stance against the non-believers that live peacefully among the Muslims.

"Allah does not forbid you (in living and make contact) with those (the non-believers) that didn't offended you in your religion, and did not expelled you from your land (Mekah), for you to do good upon them, and treat them in just. Verily Allah loves those who do just. Verily the one that Allah prohibits you (from showing courtesy) is only from those who offended you in your religion, and expelled you from your land, and they enjoyed upon you being expelled, and (Allah forbids you) from loving them and support them with your assistances, and whoever (from the Muslims) that put their love and support for them (those who offended the Muslims and their religion) surely are those who are being injustice (to Allah, His Messenger and His religion)." (Al-Mumtahinah : 8,9)

"And if there is someone from the non-believers live in your neighborhood, then you shall be his neighbor, so that he can listen to the Words of Allah (Holy Quran), then give him his rights. That is because they belong to those who do not know (about Islam and its component)." (At-Taubah : 6)
Ya Allah! Give strength to the Muslim all over the world, especially those who are being oppressed and mocked. Defend Your religion, as we are your servants who doesn't possess high power to defend Your religion all on our own.

Ya Allah! Please spread Your religion across the hearts of the non-believers, that does not know about Islam. If they still turn away their faces after they know, it is up to You in dealing with them. If you forgive them, You are the Most Forgiving. But if You refuse to grant Your Mercy, then they are your servants ya Allah…."

Ya Allah! Surely my love for You are bigger than anything in this world. I rest my life on You, to You I belong, and to You I shall return. Forgive me if I didn't strive hard enough in defending Your religion of truth, when it is being mocked, hated and laughed at. All of my strength and knowledge came from You, for You alone who possess the Great Knowledge of everything. I seek refuge with you, from the evil doing of Satan and those who took him as their leader…."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lawatan Sambil Belajar (Updated)

Last wednesday n thursday, I went to 2 depot for lawatan sambil belajar. Ye la...nak kena la belajar operation of my company. Bila dah paham operasinya, barulah bleh nak support the business. On wednesday, I went to Subang, memahami bagaimana operasi pengisian minyak untuk kapal2 terbang & 'heli' di sana. Sempat la tengok bowser and dispenser in action :).

 On Thursday lak, pi tengok how our company's product being distributed all over central region. It involved a lot of co-ordination and I'm amazed by the people who are working 'behind the scene' ni. Ye la...I tau isi minyak jer kat petrol pump. rupanya banyak kerja involved di sebalik tabir tu...

I appreciate the experience and knowledge gained from the visit. Hopefully I can provide the best support for the business :)

p/s: memang salute to the team yang buat stock take every month end... tinggi gila tank ni nak kena panjat amik reading.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outstation or Balik Kampung?

I'm at Port Dickson since last Thursday. I have an away day for KPI and target setting for our division for FY 2011. Ni kira balik kampung ke outstation eh? Heheheh...

Anyway, This time around the schedule is not that tight. Initially we would have Head of Department IPC setting tonight. However, the GM already said that only the SMs should attend the discussion. So the Managers can relax and chill out this evening. Petang tadi pun abis discussion on Department initiatives around 4 pm. Lepas tu we had Durian and Manggis Feast. Petang ni free n easy. Malam kang, BBQ dinner at poolside. Lepas tu, free n easy again. Sambung esok pagi pulak for Head of Section IPC setting.
But actually, for the past 2 days our department dah brainstorm all the initiatives and IPC. That is why the discussion today smoothly sailed dalam waktu yang singkat.

Tomorrow is the last day, expected to finish the meeting by noon. Lepas tu, balik umah... Yey!

Ok, enough about the meeting. We stay at The Legend. Nice room...siap ada 2 queen bed lagik. Food pun ok. The first night here it was only me and dear hubby. Tapi since last night he was on night shift, so I ajak la MIL, SIL and 2 nephews stay kat hotel. My nephew seronok la coz dapat mandi kolam :) Seronok tengok diorang enjoying their stay here.

The scene from my room's balcony...

The bathroom area. Sikit punya besor bathtub dia...

Bilik tidur...

Nice kan? Ok... till then.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Karangan Bahasa Melayu

Honest to be told, it has been so long since I buat karangan surat rasmi bahasa melayu. All the letters that I wrote during my worklife, has been in English and some of Malay letter were drafted by my staff. ehehhe...

And today, my dear hubby asked me to write a formal letter. Our persatuan penduduk nak buat gotong royong this weekend. So, my hubby as AJK bahagian Kebersihan & Kecerian ;) has to write a letter to our Majlis Perbandaran & request for lori sampah to pick up all the garbage after the gotong royong.

Since dah lama x tulis surat rasmi, I wonder whether the format that I got tu betul ke tak... I did search internet for the format... with search term 'format surat rasmi 2011' I got the format which I hope the correct one. Hehehe...teruk betul anak cikgu bahasa melayu ni... Anyway, the letter tu dah siap pun. tomorrow nak kena fax to the Majlis Perbandaran (Hmm... dah rasa macam PA/Secretary  my dear hubby lak ni...)

Hasilnya.... Tada....

Ok tak BM saya? Heheheh...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy like a bee

Busy... A lot of work to do, tight deadline to meet... but not enough time to complete it all. We only have 9 month this financial year.. And the countdown begin!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I came home late this evening. We had an urgent meeting with the SMs to update on the progress of project that we are working on. We had a hiccup on our pilot run of the project.

Since dah balik lambat, kena la masak cecepat. Luckily, En. hubby is on Day shift today. So he reached home after 9 p.m. Sempat la nak masak. I cooked just a simple sambal called Sambal Udang Wangi. I'd like to share it with you all, since it is so easy to cook.

The ingredient: You only need Cili kering (if already blended dalam 2-3 sudu ikut suka la...), bawang merah, bawang putih and udang kering (dalam sesudu gitu) - All blended together. Tumis the blended ingredients with daun kari. Bila dah garing, bleh la masukkan udang. After letak garam and udang dah masak, bleh la tutup api and masukkan air limau kasturi (dalam 3-5 biji buah limau kasturi, ikut rasa yang kita suka). Gaul biar sebati. Sedap makan ngan nasik putih :)

Yang penting dalam buat sambal, cili tu mesti tumis garing. Kalo tak, nanti pedas cili tu sakit perut lak...

OK...slamat mencuba yer :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

6th Anniversary

As I wrote before, I was on leave during our anniversary. As usual, I prepared a song video clip (boleh panggil video clip ker?) for my hubby. I'm making it my tradition. This year I made montage for Maher Zain song - For the rest of my life. I just love the lyrics and I think it represent my feelings at the moment :) except I did change a little bit of the lyrics (where the phrase wife, i changed it to life) hehehehe...

Anyway, in the morning, I woke up and cleaned up the house. Then, took my bath and put on some make up (which I did not wear that often) and a nice kebaya. Terkujat dear hubby tengok her beautiful wife ni bila sampai umah from kerja. Hehehehe... I cooked his fav food - Rendang daging (I called it rendang daging bodoh : sebab memang letak basic rendang ingredient only).

Well... that's about it :) I really thankful to Allah for giving me him as my hubby. Despite his very protective nature, he really understand me and bring out the best in me. I luv him for the way he is. He completes me. May Allah Bless our marriage forever.

p/s: Alhamdulillah... I've received my transfer & promotion letter. Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill the responsibility entrusted upon me. Amin...