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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hubby is not home... (sad) ada team building training kat Perak (sob...sob). Tak best betui dok sorang2 kat umah... (x de kawan nk gurau2...ngeeeee :-P). Miss him oreadi... huwaaaa..... (3 hari je pun...mcm la lama sangat....)

Thank Allah coz I'm super duper busy rite now... Bleh focus to my work for these 3 days... But it won't be's time for mid-year performance review... and I have 11 performance report to review and submit to HR. Huwaaaa..... yang sendiri punya pun x siap lagik...esok lak tu nak kena antor.... sompek ko den nak siapkan ni ha???

As such... I'll be hibernating for a while... Need to get my work in order... need to get it done. Sorry if I didn't visit your blog my frens... Insya-Allah, when my time/ work load permit, I'll be blogging back and catch up ur post later.

Till then.... enjoy this short cartoon and take care :-)

p/s: Sapa tau apa moral of the story nih?? heheheheh

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sapa suka tempoyak angkat tangan....

Saya suka tempoyak... tempoyak is my pebret! Kenapa saya suka tempoyak? Sebab saya suka durian. Suka sangat (18x). Mungkin ikut gene ayah saya (bukan jin ya...). Ayah saya juga penggemar durian.
tempoyak.... source:google

Memula, saya x tau caner nak buat tempoyak ni. Rupa-rupanya... sgt senang. Cuma perlu tambah garam jer... Ya, Tambah garam pada isi durian yang dah diasingkan dari bijinya. Begitu saja... Berapa banyak nak letak? Ikut suka kamu. Hehehehe... pada yang gemar masin2, boleh la letak banyak sikit. Pada yang masih suka rasa masam2 (setelah durian menapai dan jadik tempoyak), boleh la letak sikit2 jer garamnya... Lepas tu, kalau nak diperam, boleh letak sama ada di dalam peti sejuk terus, atau di luar saja. Kalau di luar, cepat la jadik tempoyaknya... 1 hari dah cukup. kalau dalam peti sejuk, 2-3 hari baru jadik tempoyak. Saya suka tempoyak saya ada rasa manis2 durian lagi... jadi saya kurangkan garam and terus consume after sehari letak kat luar peti sejuk. Boleh gak kalo nak tambah kunyit... for colour.

Mana saya belajar buat tempoyak ni? Dari my MIL. Dia pun suka tempoyak. Heheheeh....kalau dia buat tempoyak or dia beli durian and saya x balik kg lagi, dia akan simpankan untuk saya... sebab dia tau saya ni hantu tempoyak & durian (bukan menantu hantu ya....)

Kenapa entry hari ni tetiba pasal tempoyak? Sebab Diana tanya saya caner nak buat tempoyak :-) Ok Diana, soalan dah terjawab :-D Ngeeeee....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Blues...

Why does it called Monday Blues?

Based on Wiki answer: monday blues is the sad feeling that people have when they go back to work or school on monday.

Based on answer from yahoo answer:

Monday is the first day of work, where generally people dreaded because they had so much fun or rest during the weekend.

The meaning of monday is associated with such connotation as reluctancy, unwanted arrival and beibg mundane.

Blue is a color. In English, blue always associated with negative feelings or event such as
1. her hands were blue with cold
2. If smthg happend out of blue, it is completely unexpected.
3. Could mean something rarely - once in a blue moon
4. To show your annoyance, especially by shouting or complaining very loudly: he'll scream blue murder if he doesn't get his way.
5. To describe sad feeling : i'm feeling blue since he was gone
6. Blues : type of slow, sad music originally from southern US in which singer typically sing about difficult life or bad luck in love
7. Blue collar: describe people who do physical or unskilled work in a factory rather than office work.

Thus meaning of blue is associated with such connotation as cold, being unexpected, rare, annoyance, sadness and bad luck.

So... The meaning of monday blue could be interpreted as the low spirited, cool, annoyed, unlucky mood of people who feel that a mundane, unexpected weekday is arriving to force them back into going back to work, killing their joys and annoying them.

How is your monday?
Have a Blast one everyone!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just like my ...

I just realised today... everytime i told any of the person who brave enough to ask me how long i've been married (the usual next question they would ask after they know i have no kids) the answer would be...

"oohhh... u are just like my .....(dot dot dot)  " whereby the dot dot dot is someone they know and it could vary from friends, sisters or other female relatives. The sentence doesn't stop there... it would be followed by either:
"she also does not have kids after x years of marriage" or
"she only have kids after x years of marriage" followed by a story of what that person had done to get kids.

I just experience it twice today.

Funny isn't... How people try to relate to what we experience, yet they didn't know that it is far from what they think.

But, something that I can't believe... there are still people who does not know what IVF is. (yup... one of those 2 questioners ask me "Ha??...IVF tu apa?") Oh my... Is infertility something that is very alient? And here i thought that is some sort of general knowledge that anybody would know. be fair, perhaps they doesn't know because infertility is not an issue to them. Well... it just show that the level of awareness about infertility is very low. May be we should start wearing ribbons to support our infertility friend (mcm kanser pakai ribbon pink) and to create awareness...

What ribbon color do u have in mind? 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Minute!

I'm in a sinking ship! Not sure whether I'll be able to survive or not...

The story....

Since April hari tu I went to this course kat our Training Centre. The course basically is on leadership - transition from being an executive to a manager. Dalam course ni, ada a few training that I need to attend. To me, course ni memang bagus la. Banyak yg i belajar... Tapi, course ni bukan training sesaja, where u attend the courses and balik. It has homeworks. Yes.... homeworks or better I called it course works. Each of us need to present it during the finale. We need to present about our journey sepanjang course ni and how the course help us in our leadeship journey.

And why am i sinking??? Because, i have yet to complete my presentation slide. I'm still contemplating on what i want to present and I thought I can complete it by today.... Crazy! Yup....memang kerja gila (jangan tiru....bahaya!). But that is me... I memang suka buat kerja last minute (errr.... ikut mood... sebenarnya memang malas... huahuhahahha)

So now I'm in panicking mode. Sebab I thought I have the presentation outline, so doing the presentation won't be that hard. But when I look into the details, aiyoooo..... I kind of missed the requirement set by the trainer. Huuhuhuhuhu...sungguh haru. (and instead of using the time to think it through, I'm writing this in my blog!).

Anyway, plse pray I would pass the presentation (dah la present depan GMs...takot!). Public speaking is not my cup of tea at all. Mau menggigil esok nih.... but before that... let just concentrate siapkan presentation slide tu kan... I have until tonight to do it. Chaiyok Sweet Tooth! You can do it!

Have a nice monday everyone :-)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Blogger Problem?

I'm not sure whether Blogger yang problem or I yang salah setting. It seems like my last post was not updated to my follower...coz the stats shows that my last posting has no one reading it....

Anyway, just in case u didn't get the update (ces...budget mcm org nk tau sgt la what happend to my life.... heheheheh) here is the link 

Or...just scroll below... you can see it :-)

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Wedding

Hmmm... kerja kawin ni memang penat kan? Regardless la u pakai catering ker...masak sendiri ker... masih penat juga. But penat yang fun. I think i lost a few kgs just because i turun naik tangga atas pelbagai urusan sepanjang majlis nih kat my mom's house (heheheheh...nampak sgt penipunya).

Anyway, friday morning, lepas kemas baju semua, i drove back to my mom's house. MDH was working that day. So i balik dulu la... sampai2 tengok my father tengah dok membega-bega pelamin (yes, kami buat pelamin sendiri). So i pun turut menyibukkan diri menghias pelamin tu until 3 pm. Lepas solat zohor, my sis ajak pi temankan dia settlekan barang2 and pi buat pedicure and manicure. Apa lagik...i pun tumpang la sekaki (er... tumpang dua tangan dan dua kaki sebenarnya...) Hehehehe... first time tau buat pedi & mani nih...sampai nak tertido akak nih menunggu pedi & mani ni siap. Dah siap tu, kemain bling-bling lagik kuku akak nih... muahahahaha....

Lepas siap pedi & mani, kami pegi amik accessories pengantin, amik kunci homestay untuk pihak lelaki and then zoom....pi PKNS carik baju2 untuk 'the sisters' and 'the brothers'. Penat carik, akhirnya jumpa gak baju. Memang last minute...untuk wedding lepas nih, x leh buat cenggini yer... nak tercabut kaki akak ni berjalan dlm PKNS tu.

Malamnya, sambungan menghias pelamin... akhirnya, beginilah rupanya pelamin hasil kerja tangan kami nih...

Cantik tak?? (sapa cakap x cantik, tanak kawan! heheheh)
Berpeluh-peluh tau akak memanjat tangga nak pasang bunga atas tu... Ni pulak close up bunga tepi kerusi pengantin tu...

Actually bunga biru tu x cukup... hahahaha... so bantai je la main selang2 gitu...
Esoknya, i pulun menghias hantaran lak...

11 dulang balasan dari pihak kami...
Kotak kek tu, lupa nak hias...sebab dia kluar dari peti sejuk just before the majlis nikah. And akak penghias nih sibuk bersiap untuk majlis nikah... hehehehe...sorry yer cik mimi.

But my favourite hantaran...

Cuba teka hantaran apa ni?

Yang ni i cuba-cuba jer... pulas sana, pulas sini, tetiba jadik bunga (hahahaha...ada bunyi riak di situ...sila buat-buat tak baca dan abaikan). But i think it would look better if i buat bunga tu banyak-banyak skek... actually tu ye lah baju & seluar untuk pengantin lelaki. Seluar tu i main lilit-lilit jer kat bunga tu coz nak cover baju yang i dah gumpal2 kat bawah tu... hehehehehe...

The Bride and Groom after Majlis Nikah

The next day, alhamdulillah, majlis berjalan lancar... Cuma matahari terik betul...berpeluh-peluh i melayan tetamu. Sorry la, I x amik gambar masa majlis langsung siang tu...coz dah di contractkan pada adik i sorang lagik. I cuma amik video jer... file beso sgt nak upload kat sini.

Usai majlis, berhempas pulas la kami ni mengemas... mujur gak pakai catering, so x la sepenat mana pun nak mengemas tu... malam tu, i pengsan (read as 'tido tak sedorkan diri) sampai la ke subuh.... heheheheh

Anyway, to my lil sis cik mimi : Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga bahagia hingga ke syurga...Amin...

Till then...

p/s: Err... agak2 kalo bukak business buat hantaran and sewa pelamin ada org nak tempah tak eh? heheheheh...