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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IVF - Sharing

I just realised that I had never made any conclusion/closure on my IVF treatment last year. For those who had been tru it, you know how emotional the journey was and how sad you were when your result was BFN (I totally broke down when I got the result. Can refer to April/Early May 2012 posting on my IVF experience...malas nak tepek link kat sini... heheheheh).

When the IVF date was confirmed, I started to search/google all info that I can get about it. From how the IVF process were, until the reading of true experience of other ladies out there who brave themselves to bear all the pain. But most of my reading was from blog/experience of ladies from overseas. Not much from Malaysian ladies and if there is any, just a number who had recorded their journey in detail. That was when I decided to keep my IVF journey as detail as possible. At least it can be as a reference for other ladies out there, if they needed it. And at that time, I also was hopeful that my fellow TTC friends would pray for me as well. (Pls do know that your support and doa during that time was really appreciated as it really helped me motivating myself and picking up the pieces when I got the BFN result).

Anyway, what can I share about IVF ni ya??? If it is to summarised in one word i think the most important thing is 'expectation'. Reading all blogs and experiences that had positive result has somewhat throw me into positive vibe and with all the positive progress I got carried away thinking 'finally....'. But as you know the result was otherwise. That was my biggest lesson learnt as I was blown away by the negative result. Pls remind yourself not to get carried away as you have equal chances of positive or negative result. You must be cautious and be prepared for the worst. In the end, we can try and try and try... but Allah is the one who Granted the wish - To be or Not To be. Banyakkan doa and berserah pada Allah. Kita dah usaha, maka berdoalah kemudian tawakkal. Allah knows what is the best for us.

Other than that, I would encourage you to read all the experience of others who had gone thru the process. Understand what is the side effect of IVF and what can be possibly went wrong with IVF cycle. This is also to prepare your expectation and it is a preparation just in case the same happend to you.

Pls do not hesitate to ask your doctor about anything u wanna ask. regardless if it sounds stupid pun. Who knows, the question that we thought stupid would actually save your life. Usually during IVF cycle your doc will give you his/her direct contact number for any emergency. U know la kan...bila dah banyak drugs used to stimulate your ovaries, there is possibility of over stimulation (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrom) that can put your life in danger. Always be aware of your body's changes (bloating, nausea, susah nak bernafas etc ) coz it may shows OHSS symptom.

How about the cost? Well... it would depend on your reaction to the stimulation. Lagi banyak ubat, lagi naik la costnya... Kat private, mahal la sikit sbb ubat tak subsidised. If you choose to do with government, cost kurang but be prepared to be in waiting list (if any - may be somebody can verify this coz i x pernah buat IVF ngan gomen). However, my personal opinion, if you can afford to go to private, and u doesn't mind the cost, pegi la private. At least you can help your other TTC fellow friend yg nak pi buat treatment at government (esp yg ada cost constraint) so that they would not have to wait long in the list to start treatment. I dunno, this is my humble opinion. Others might disagree. If you want to know how much the cost of my last IVF, pls e-mail me. I'll share the details (baru finalised figure last week.... huhuhuhuh....lama betul amik masa!).

Oh ya... talking about ubat, don't forget to bring cooler bag ya bila u ambil ubat stimulation from your doc/hospital. Ubat2 ni kena dalam keadaan sejuk. Usually, doc/hospital akan bekalkan ice pack untuk keep temperature of cooler bag to rendah. Sampai umah, terus masuk peti ais ya...letak kat tempat sayur tu pun ok. Ice pack yg diberi tu, boleh simpan...just in case nak guna lagi untuk nxt IVF ( cautious, remember!).

Masa 2WW tu, rancang la apa u nak buat... nak baca buku ka...nak tgk TV ka...but jgn buat aktiviti yg mencabar fizikal ya... like senam2 berat tu... Take this time to berehat sepuas-puasnya and being pampered by your hubby (this is a must! bila lagi nak manja over2 ya tak?). No stress2 ya... Banyakkan zikir, selawat and tenangkan hati dgn membaca al-Quran.

I think tu je so far... may be others yg dah pernah buat IVF can share your own experience and take away/lesson learnt as well. Pls drop by kat ruangan comment ya....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Separuh nyawa melayang....

Fuh... when i thought about what happend last night, memang rasa macam separuh nyawa i dah melayang....tak pernah rasa takut sampai nak tido pun macam seram2 je... What happend?

Well... my hubby was on his night shift last night. So macam biasa la i sengsorang kat umah. Can't remember pkol berapa... but may be around 8.45 pm or 9 pm cam tu. Tetiba i dengar sound 'beep' that I always heard when doors/windows of my house was open. Dua kali the 'beep' tu berbunyi. FYI, rumah I memang ada pasang alarm. So everytime pintu or tingkap dibuka akan dengar bunyi beep tu. But masa tu I memang belum switch on alarm lagi...Kalo tak sure dah berbunyi alarm i. I selalu pasang bila I nak tidur or bila dah 10.30/11 malam whichever is earlier.

oh heck! I'm alone in my house. Masa tu tengah tengok TV kat ruang tamu di tingkat bawah. I dah berdebar gila dah... ada orang nak masuk rumah ke??And since I kat bawah, I suspect if anything may be tingkat atas la... so i pi dapur, amik pisau and naik tingkat atas. Bukak lampu semua bilik, check tingkap semua...ok. Semua tertutup. So i lega la... Sambung tengok TV balik. Tak lama lepas tu, my hubby msg i tanya pintu semua dah kunci ke. I told him about the 'beep' sound that I heard. Terus hubby call i tanya pkol berapa i dengar tu. Pastu dia bagitau i, ada rumah around kawasan perumahan tu yg pencuri try nak masuk. So the guard kat taman perumahan i tu call him and ask to be cautious. He asked me to check again all doors and windows.

Lo and behold.... i selak je langsir my sliding door kat sebelah meja makan i (which is kat ruang tamu tu le jugak), i tengok the sliding door dah sejengkal terbukak. Cepat2 i tutup. Bila my hubby call balik, I tanya la ada bukak sliding door ke hari ni (FYI, I jarang bukak pintu n tingkap rumah coz malas nak pakai tudung dlm umah bila pintu n tingkap bukak... kalo bukak pintu tingkap sume, jiran sebelah bleh nampak. heheheh). Dia kata memang x de bukak pun. Terus dia kata pi bukak pintu pagar coz afew neighbours and guard nak masuk tengok.

Bila jiran i datang dia check la umah i. Diorang memang tengah nak mengejar pencuri tu. Tapi if pencuri tu lari, memang dia lompat pagar belakang umah i. masuk area umah jiran i and lari keluar ke pagar yang memagari kawasan perumahan i tu. FYI, our houses here are clustered house. 4 biji umah (semi-d type), bahagian belakangnya share dinding. Ada sikit je area  yg buleh say hai2 bye2 dengan jiran belakang umah. And furthermore, belakang umah the hubby keje polis eh... dia la yg datang check tengok tembok pagar belakang umah i tu.

With the neighbours tunggu kat bawah, I naik balik tingkat atas and i check again all almari, all tingkap and tempat2 possible untuk menyorok just to triple confirm. After semua bilik termasuk bilik bawah and store i dah check, i said my thanks to the neighbour, tutup pintu pagar, kunci pintu umah, terus i pasang alarm.

I can't sleep last night. Memang dok kat ruang tamu tu and at last tertidur sampai pagi. Kenapa tak masuk bilik? Coz i think if ada org masuk umah, lagi senang nak lari if i kat ruang tamu. can choose either 2 sliding doors, or main door or even tingkap2 kat ruang tamu tu. Kalo i kat bilik kat atas, mano nak larik? nak terjun? huhuhuhuhu...

But really....that was an experience yang sungguh menakutkan. Even pagi tadi, i try buka balik sliding door tu, to replicate the double beep sound that I heard last night. The first beep was sounded when pintu tu dibuka sikit. If that pencuri heard that sound mesti dia stop bukak pintu tu. then when i try to push the door again jadi sejengkal, the sound berbunyi lagi. Hohohohoh...sangat horor bila dipikirkan balik. If betul la pencuri tu try buka, I tengah dok tengok TV tu... just 5-6 steps from the sliding door.

What was the lesson learnt? Sila bukak lampu luar rumah ya... my housing area tu, bila bukak lampu luar umah, segala serangga datang. tu yang x bukak tu coz we have lampu jalan yang memang betul2 depan umah. But kat sliding door yg terbuka tu, kitorang letak pondok tempat untuk rehat2. We curtained it with roller blind and tertutup la sikit pandangan from next door neighbour. Bila lampu x bukak, memang agak gelap la area sliding door tu. And also I need to pasang alarm umah tu terus bila hubby tak de umah. I consider pkol 8.45 and pkol 9 tu awal lagi... but after! Pasang terus... Selain dari tu, even if i heard anything at all, i will check 'all doors and windows' (tapikan... can u imagine if i check terus sliding door tu after i heard the sound.... lagik takot kot coz the pencuri could still be there!). But anyway, nak kena letak police/guard's phone at speed dial. I baru realise, i don't have the guard's number (slap on my forehead!).

Anyway...ladies, pls be careful when you are alone in your house. I selama nih feel so safe in my housing area (our house don't even have grill coz ada alarm.) If u are alone, pasang terus alarm tu. Better feel safe than sorry. Take care :-)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Why do I choose my current Gyne?

First of all, I don't have vast experience in fertility treatment with a number of doctors... so my entry might be biased. I've been with my current gynecologist since 2008. She is my second gyne. I fell in love with her when the first time I met her. (huhuhuhu...dramatik la sgt ayat nih...)

The first ever criteria for me to choose a gyne: the doctor must be a woman. I prefer it that way. Since the doc shall 'witness everything' of me, i'd prefer if it is a woman. It is actually up to your preference. If u feel comfortable with your decision, it's up to you to choose male or female doc.

Back then in 2006 - 2007, the only gyne i know was Doc Hamid Arshad. Thanks to internet, i googled all hospital that is available in Kuala Lumpur/ Eastern Region to search for a female gyne that offered IVF service. From there, I found my current gyne. She was a visiting doctor at one of private hospital that offered IVF service. When I google her name, there I found  the hospital where she was also visiting doc, a hospital where i did my first laps in 2008. But then, since I was in eastern region prior to 2008, i didn't do anything until i transferred back to KL. I made our first appointment and the rest is history.

What was other criteria? The doc must make me feel comfortable in consulting her. And my gyne is that person in so many ways...

I'm a crybaby. I can even cry when reading sad novel and watching sad movie scene.I would say my gyne is a soft spoken person (aren't all gyne are? huhuhhuuhu). She is caring yet professional at the same time. I can see that she is 'tegas' (can't find the word in english... heheheheh) when she need to be and she encourages question from her patient. I am so at ease with her. But one thing that i really like about her is that, she is so down to earth and always reminded me to not give up and don't ever forget to 'ask' for Allah's help in TTC journey. She said she is only doing what she can, but the result is depends on Allah's will.

Another reason that I like about her; she do care about you as her patient (again...aren't all doctors are??). When I did my 2nd laps, I was warded for almost 4 days. My stomach was bloating on the 3rd day and it was on weekend. The ward doesn't have any scanner. So she asked me to stay for one more night, just in case and so that she can scan my tummy tomorrow at her clinic. The next day after scan, she said "Alhamdulillah... x de apa2... i takut u bloated sebab darah berkumpul. I tak boleh tidur mlam tadi asik teringat your condition ni." Another story; last year... You know how costly IVF treatment is... she would try to help in any way that she can to reduce the charge. She would always refer her 'price schedule' when recommending me to buy my 'IVF stim meds' from the cheapest source. I can feel that she really is trying to help me.

She likes to learn and improve her knowledge in her field. She also likes to share them as well. I'm a follower of her blog. Very informative and was written in a casual way that I can understand the medical jargon. You can find her blog on my wall. Feel free to drop any question in her blog. Many does...

So...what is your criteria for a gyne?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My 90 Days Challenge update

It's been 46 days since my 90 days challenge start. What is my progress?

Alhamdulillah.... eventhough it may seem little, but I'm really happy that I'm closer to my goal. only a kilo ++ to go before my 90 days challenge end on 31st March 2013. Kalo dapat capai target ni, boleh la i sambung another 90 days challenge (part 2) to shed another 3 kilos. Sukeeeeeeee sangat!

But actually it's been a week since my weight got static....tak gerak2.... risau gak. Macam biasa la...I kalo nk tau apa2, the fastest source would be google. So betul ke I'm reaching a weight plateau?

Let see....

From my reading, if the weight does not change for 3 weeks, baru lah dikira weight loss plateau. It is a period when your body weight remains the same level.Why 3 weeks? Sebab 1st week kita hilang air dalam badan, along with the second week. But 3rd week may indicate that your body doesn't change as you hoped despite your best effort.

The word weight loss x differentiate between changes in fat, muscle and water. So bila kita pi timbang badan, especially yg timbang hari2 macam i, kita boleh notice changes dalam beberapa gram ke sekilo. Boleh naik sebab muscle build up. But most of the time, the changes was due to water retention. Sebab bila kita banyak makan makanan yg banyak sodium, carb or minum air sikit je, badan kita akan retain water which will increase our body weight. To avoid water retention, we must make sure that we drink a lot. 2-3 litres, depending on our weight. At the same time, dicadangkan, jgn weight in hari2... only once a week right after bangun tidur in the morning. Sebab kita mudah rasa discourage bila tengok berat kita naik balik despite having exercise. Err... i think yg ni depend on org kot...kalo i, i'll feel lagi motivate nak turunkan bila tengok scale numbers tu...huhuhuhuhu....

In addition to that, weight loss rate would slow down as you become leaner. It's a simple math. If let say seminggu kita hilang 1% of kita punya weight, the 1% of next week loss would be much smaller than this week la kan... sebab weight dah turun. It is suggested that we increase the intensity and strength. Jangan buat cardio exercise je... kena ada strength exercise to build up muscle. Remember, the more muscle built up. the more calories burnt. Hmmm, so nak kena change sikit my exercise. kena masukkn jugak part nak built muscle tu...

Selain dari tu, one of the reason why weight tu tak gerak2 could be because 'calorie creep', where the calories intake is actually more than we think it was. Ni may be sebab kita dok rasa makanan ni sikit...rasa tu sikit...end up the calories added up more than our limit. So nak elakkan ni, senang je... Jgn rasa2.... or better yet puasa jer. Tapi since I'm on antibiotic course, nak kena abiskan ubat dulu baru bleh start.

Ini adalah sebahagian sebab n tips to do bila weight kita reaching plateau. For more info... google jer...banyak article pasal weight plateau nih... hihihhii....

So, how r ur weight loss program so far? Are you in the right track? Pls share... Have a nice weekend  :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cerita Ceriti - Part 3

OMG...I've been a bad blogger... Sorry u have to wait such a long time for me to continue with the story....

Ok dear readers....kita sambung lagi dengan cerita tentang Abu Lahab sefamily nih. Dalam entry sebelum ni, i ada tulis yang Anak-anak serta isteri Abu Lahab juga telah dilaknat Allah. Mengapa? Begini ceritanya....

Anak-Anak Abu Lahab

Do u know that 2 orang anak Abu Lahab merupakan bekas menantu Rasulullah? Atbah dan Utaibah merupakan suami kepada Ruqayyah dan Umi Kalsum. Keduanya tidak mempunyai anak sehinggalah Nabi diutus menjadi Rasul. Setelah turunnya surah ini, Abu Lahab menyuruh kedua anaknya menceraikan puteri-puteri Rasulullah. Maka mereka pun menghantar pulang Umi Kalsum & Ruqayyah ke rumah nabi. Setelah diceraikan mereka, Utaibah telah meludah wajah Rasulullah dan mengasari Baginda sehingga terkoyak bajunya. Kerana tindakannya itu, Rasul telah berdoa kepada Allah dengan doa yang kita sekarang kenali sebagai salah satu dari qunut Nazilah.Rasulullah telah berdoa supaya Allah menghantar anjing dan membinasakannya (Sallit a'laihim kalban min kilabik; kalban bermaksud anjing).

Doa nabi sangat makbul... pada suatu hari, Utaibah sedang dalam perjalanan berdagang di Syam dan telah berhenti untuk berehat kerana hari hampir malam. Tiba-tiba dia rasa sangat takut dan seram sejuk. Kawan-kawannya telah membuat unggun api di mana Utaibah tidur di situ dan mereka yang lain tidur mengelilingi Utaibah. Namun Kekuasaan Allah amat Besar. Esok paginya, apabila kawan2 Utaibah bangun, rupa-rupanya Utaibah telah mati dibunuh anjing sedangkan mereka yg lain tidak cedera walaupun sedikit.

Isteri Abu Lahab.

Ummu Jamil juga dilaknat Allah kerana dia turut sama menentang dakwah Rasulullah. Setelah turunnya surah ini, Ummu Jamil merasa sangat marah kerana padanya Rasulullah telah mencerca suaminya. Lalu dia mengutip batu2 untuk dilemparkan kepada Rasulullah dan pergi ke masjid mencarinya. Sesampainya di masjid terus dia bertanya kepada Abu Bakar:

"Hai Abu Bakar, di mana Muhammad?" Abu Bakar merasa pelik kerana Nabi ketika itu sedang duduk di sebelahnya. Tidakkah Ummu Jamil nampak? Abu Bakar menjawab "Untuk apa kamu mencarinya?" Lalu Ummu Jamil berkata "Aku akan melemparkan batu ini kepadanya kerana dia telah mencerca suamiku". Setelah itu, Ummu Jamil terus berlalu mencari Rasul di tempat lain.

Abu Bakar bertanya kepada Rasul, mengapa Ummu Jamil tidak nampak Rasul sedangkan Rasul duduk di sebelahnya. Rasul berkata "Ada hijab antara aku dan dia"

Ustaz mengulas bahawa antara org islam dan org bukan islam ada hijab yang melindungi dari kejahatan mereka. Ayat2 al-quran itu adalah pelindung. Tapi hari ni cuba kita tanya pada diri sendiri, berapa ayat al-quran yang kita baca sehari selain dari bacaan solat? Kerana kita kurang baca al-Quran, kerana itulah kita tidak terlindung dari kejahatan... So, mari lah kita baca ayat al-quran banyak2 ya.... selain dapat pahala, dapat melindungi diri kita semua.

Abu Lahab

Umum mengetahui Abu Lahab dah confirm disiksa dalam Neraka. Namun begitu menurut ustaz ada diriwayatkan dari seorang ulama yang beliau telah bermimpi bertemu Abu Lahab (can't remember his name...nanti dah ingat i update). Ulama itu telah bertanyakan kepada Abu Lahab "benarkah engkau disiksa di neraka sebagaimana janjiNya?" Maka dijawab Abu Lahab "Benar. Namun begitu Allah telah meringankan siksaNya pada hari Isnin dengan menerbitkan setitik air dicelah-celah jariku untuk aku hirup menghilangkan dahaga yg amat dahsyat. Ini kerana aku telah meraikan kelahiran Rasul pada hari lahirnya dengan membebaskan seorang hamba"

Abu Lahab, pada hari kelahiran Rasulullah telah membebaskan seorang hamba kerana dia rasa sangat gembira dengan kelahiran anak saudaranya itu. Ustaz mengulas bahawa, sebab itulah kita digalakkan untuk meraikan hari maulud nabi. Sekurang-kurangnya, kita mengingati beliau dan memperbanyakkan amalam selawat. Semoga dengan amalan tersebut, dapat la kita shafaat rasul untuk membantu kita ke syurga. Kalau nak harapkan amalan kita sahaja, memang tak cukup....

Basically ni lah cerita dan pengajaran sepanjang kuliyyah tu. Yang baik itu dari Allah, yang kurang itu, dari khilaf/salah i sendiri. Harap memberi manfaat dan pedoman pada kita semua.

Alhamdulillah....abis gak entry nih. sorry again for the late update :-) Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cerita Ceriti - Part 2

Sorry dear readers... Am taking so long to continue with the sharing of Ustaz Don's kuliyyah. Hari tu kita berenti kat part Allah is the best Planner kan? Setiap kejadian yang berlaku tu, tidaklah ia berlaku dengan sia-sia. Ada hikmah disebaliknya.... Seperti yang ustaz ceritakan tentang cerita Nabi Musa....

Nabi Musa, Pemburu, Pengembala Kambing dan Orang Tua.

Pada satu hari, Nabi Musa sedang berehat-rehat dibawah pokok, berdekatan dengan sebuah telaga air. Dari kejauhan beliau terlihat seorang pemburu menaiki kuda menuju ke telaga air untuk menghilangkan dahaganya. Pemburu itu membawa seuncang emas. Ketika dia hendak mengambil air dari telaga tersebut, pemburu itu telah meletakkan uncang emasnya di sisi telaga itu. Mungkin dia khuatir uncang emasnya jatuh ke dalam telaga itu ketika mengambil air.Sesudah pemburu itu minum air telaga tersebut dan hilang dahaganya, pemburu tersebut terus menaiki kudanya untuk meneruskan perjalanan...

Nabi Musa hanya menyaksikan kejadian tersebut. Dia terus duduk berehat dibawah pokok tersebut apabila datang pula pengembala kambing dengan kambing2nya ke telaga itu. Pengembala kambing itu menyedari ada uncang emas di sisi telaga. Tanpa melengahkan masa, dan tidak dia menyedari bahawa Nabi Musa sedang memerhati,pengembala itu terus mengambil uncang tersebut dan beredar dari situ. Nabi Musa terus memerhati... Dia terfikir, apakah yang akan berlaku seterusnya....

Kemudian, datang pula seorang tua ke tepi telaga itu. Setelah meminum air, orang tua itu berehat lalu tertidur di sebelah telaga tersebut. Tidak lama selepas itu, kelihatan pemburu tadi datang semula untuk mengambil uncang emasnya yang tertinggal. Apabila dilihat uncang emasnya sudah tiada, pemburu tu naik berang lalu menumbuk orang tua tersebut kerana disangka orang tua itu telah mencuri emasnya. Dengan takdir Allah, mati orang tua itu.

Kalau nak diikutkan, tentulah pemburu itu bersalah kerana menyerang orang tua itu tanpa usul periksa. Dan pengembala kambing itu juga bersalah kerana mengambil harta yang bukan haknya. Setelah melihat kejadian itu, Nabi Musa tertanya-tanya apakah hikmah disebaliknya... Rupa-rupanya, orang tua itu di zaman mudanya telah membunuh ayah pemburu tersebut. Dan ayah pemburu itu pernah berhutang dengan pengembala kambing. Maka kejadian itu adalah balasan ke atas masing-masing....

Kita manusia biasa, manakan nak terfikir betapa sudah cantik perancangan Allah. Janganlah dikeluh kesahkan dugaan yang menimpa kerana pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya....

Berbalik kepada cerita utama...Ustaz sebenarnya bercerita tentang Surah 'Tabbat Yada'. Kita pun tahu kan suran ni mengenai Abu Lahab, bapa saudara Nabi kita. Sebelum tu, selingan sikit....Tau tak kenapa beliau dipanggil Abu Lahab? Ustaz berseloroh, bukan sebab dia pelahap makan.... tu bahasa melayu. According to ustaz, Lahab tu maksudnya percikan... macam percikan bunga api tu... bunga api bila terpancar kan cantik... Abu Lahab ni sebenarnya handsome orangnya....sebab tu digelar Abu Lahab. Manakala isterinya pula adalah wanita yang juga cantik. Maka digelar Ummu Jamilah (jamilah maksudnya cantik).

Ok, sambung balik cerita bagaimana turunnya ayat ini. Pada suatu hari, Nabi mengumpulkan penduduk Makkah lalu berkata kepada mereka "Apa pendapat kamu jika aku mengatakan di belakang Bukit Safa ini ada tentera yang ingin menyerang Makkah". Maka pendudk Makkah berkata "Pasti benar katamu Ya Muhammad". Mereka akan mempercayai sebab Nabi Muhammad ialah seorang yang jujur dan tidak pernah menipu. Kemudian Nabi Muhammad berkata "Maka, sembahlah Allah yang Satu". Abu Lahab yang mendengar kata-kata Nabi terus bangun lalu berkata "Tabbaka (Celakalah kamu) Ya Muhammad. Adakah kerana ini kamu mengumpulkan kami semua?"

Disebabkan Abu Lahab menyumpah nabi Muhammad, maka Allah turunkanlah Surah Tabbat Yada ini....

source:google image
1. Binasalah kedua-dua tangan Abu Lahab dan binasalah ia bersama!
2. Hartanya dan segala yang diusahakannya tidak dapat menolongnya
3. Ia akan menderita bakaran api neraka yang marak menjulang.
4. Dan juga isterinya, seorang perempuan pemunggah kayu api
5. Di lehernya  sejenis tali, dari tali-tali yang dipintal.

Kat google digunakan perkataan binasalah. Ustaz kata maksudnya 'Tabbat' tu 'celakalah'. Di dalam ayat ini, Allah telah mengutuk Abu Lahab serta keluarganya, termasuklah anak-anak Abu Lahab. Perkataan 'Kasab' merujuk kepada anak-anak Abu Lahab. Eh, anak-anak dan isteri Abu Lahab pun kena jugak? Ya....ada cerita di sebaliknya....nanti i sambung lagi yer... Stay Tune :-)